30 Day Business Blogging Challenge Recap & Coming Up With Blog Topics

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been doing a 30 day business blogging challenge, and today is the last day! You may have noticed that, despite only having a day left in it, I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. That’s mostly due to going on a few trips, which I’ll be writing about on my other blog, Embracing Adventure. I recently started up a second round of the challenge for that blog as well, and you can find a recap of the first several days here. If you want to know more about the blogging challenge itself, please see this post I wrote at the end of my first round on Embracing Adventure.

Today, in addition to sharing the full list of challenge posts for anyone who may have missed them, I want to return to a topic I was asked to write on during the challenge and hadn’t yet: how I come up with blog topics. I posted about this on my other blog as well. While I have several sources of inspiration for that blog, I also have a luxury I don’t with this blog: I can write about anything related to my life. Although there have been times with that blog I haven’t had time to write, I have never had times where I couldn’t either pull from a stash of drafts and ideas or come up with a new one.

Coming up with blog topics for this Investing in Fitness isn’t quite as easy because this blog is more limited in focus. As the name implies, this is primarily a fitness blog. Although fitness isn’t the only topic I can write about, I do feel that I should at least stick to related topics such as nutrition, health, and improving wellbeing. Most of my blog topic ideas for this blog have come from thinking about five things:

Insanity Before and After Photo

Insanity before and after. Click to read about my ending statistics and how they compared to where I began.

Perhaps the easiest way to get source material for this blog has simply been documenting my own fitness journey. I originally started the blog to document my experience with Insanity and decided to keep going. Unfortunately after that, I tended to be haphazard in my record-keeping and often scribbled notes after workouts that I misplaced or couldn’t read. However, after recommitting to documenting my journey, I’ve been keeping my notes in computer files, which has been working out better. During the challenge, I finished sharing my first experience with Les Mills Combat, dance workouts found on YouTube, and recapped some of the yoga challenges I’ve participated in. I still have a few more yoga challenge recaps to share. Soon I’ll also share my experience with Les Mills Pump, which I’m a little over a month into.

2. My Health-Related Experiences

I have had a few health problems in my life and like to share what I know about recognizing warning signs, minimizing one’s risk of developing said health problems, and living with those particular problems. I was diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 20. Since there is a family history of it, I knew what to look for and was able to catch it early. A decade later, I must still regularly check my skin for signs of and reduce my risk of a recurrence. I’ve written about risk factors for melanoma in one post and warning signs of melanoma, my experience with melanoma, and ways to reduce your risk of melanoma in another. Since I also was diagnosed with hypertension at a relatively young age, which there is also a family history of, I’ll soon write about recognizing signs for and managing high blood pressure. In the mean time, those interested may want to read this post on Embracing Adventure about getting screened at the Army Wellness Center and being treated for hypertension. While living in Germany where there isn’t an abundance of sunny days, I have also developed a Vitamin D deficiency, so I’ll share about that and ways to get Vitamin D without increasing your risk for melanoma soon.

3: What I Want to Know 

There are a lot of things I wonder about, and if I’m wondering about them, I figure other people might be too. I like to eat sushi. I had heard that it’s good for you, but I didn’t really know why. So, I decided to look up some facts about why sushi is healthy. Afterward, I wrote this post sharing some of the facts I’d learned. Once I started doing yoga challenges, I realized how many yoga styles there are and wanted to learn more about them. I wrote this post sharing some information about a few of the yoga methods I’d read about. Someone once told me that I should work out when tired instead of taking a nap. Although it sounds counterintuitive, it does work. I looked into why and shared that in this post. In the near future, I’ll begin a personal trainer certification course, as well several specialization courses, through NASM. I expect what I learn in those courses and the questions generated by what I learn will inspire many future blog posts.

4. What Has Helped Me

If something has helped me, there’s a chance it will help others as well. One thing I’ve done, which I have heard has helped others since I passed it on, is doing the ABC’s of Gratitude: listing one thing to be grateful about for every letter of the alphabet. Going on a walk one day while my car was broken down got me thinking about what motivates me to walk, so I decided to share some of them, which can also be applied to running. For awhile, I only drank water if it was flavored or cold, and I didn’t drink enough of it. Now I can drink it plain at any temperature, so I shared some things I’ve done to get enough water daily.

5. What I’ve Read

During this challenge, I read an infographic about stress in students. I shared it with some thoughts on getting enough sleep, reducing stress through exercise, and eating healthy when stressed. Previously, I shared some of the fitness tip articles I had recently read and will probably share another one soon. I also shared a brief book review of the Real Food Therapy Guide. Now that I have graduated grad school and have more free time for reading, I plan to read more fitness and nutrition books and to share my impressions of them here. I also have a Books & Authors section on Embracing Adventure where I’ll be sharing some of the other books I read.

How do you come up with blog topics? Have a favorite topic I’ve written about or one you’d like me to write about? Let me know in the comments below.

If you missed any of the blog challenge posts, you can find them all below, and if you want to join the challenge yourself, you can do so here. Be sure you never miss another Investing in Fitness post by entering your email address in the box to the right. Best wishes on your fitness journey!

30 Day Blogging Challenge Posts

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Day 30 was this post. Thank you for reading!

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