“45 Minutes of Pure Endurance Training” (Day 38: Max Cardio Conditioning)

I planned on doing the Day 38 workout in the evening but I let my husband convince me to watch a movie with him. By the time it was over, it was later than I had planned to be up. I had a job interview the following morning so I decided to skip the workout in favor of sleep which put me another day behind. Even with missing I figured I could double up in the next couple days and do a workout on Sunday to bring me back up to date.

I did Day 38 the following day. The warm up for Max Cardio Conditioning started off the same as the other Month 2 workouts before it. However, during the third set Shaun T changed it up a bit going back to one similar to the Month 1 workouts: Sprint, Jumping Jacks, Heisman, 1-2-3 1-2-3, and High Knees. Then we stretched.

Similar to Pure Cardio, Max Cardio Conditioning is one long circuit rather than repetitions of a few different circuits. The workout was as follows: High-Low Jab with a Squat, 30 Second Right Left, Football Runs, Low Plank, Basketball Jump with Squat, Right and Left Kick, Diamond Jumps, Suicide Jumps, In and Out Push Up Jacks, Suicide Jumps, High Knee, High-Low/Floor Sprint, Ski Abs, Kick Step Back, Squat  Twist, Over the River Hops, Attack, Power Knees, Ski Down Hooks, Belt Kicks, Forward/Back Suicides, Push Up Abs, Plank Punches, 8 Jump Rope/8 Hop Squats, and Squat Speed Bag. Then we stretched.

Overall I liked Max Cardio Conditioning better than the Max Interval Circuit. I did not manage to get in another workout that day despite having done it earlier but at least I got one in. Unfortunately I ended up having a couple different health issues over the weekend and beginning of the week that kept me from exercising. On top of not feeling well I was exhausted even when I got a lot of sleep. Since Max Recovery was the next workout and originally scheduled for Thursday, I decided to give myself a few days of rest and pick up the following Thursday where I had left off.

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