5 Fitness Tip Articles Not to Miss

investinginfitnessToday I want to share 5 fitness tip articles to help you make the most of your at-home workouts and home gym or exercise space.  These articles provide information on pushups, foam rolling, measuring progress, workout gear, and killing germs in your home gym.

1. How Much Weight Am I Lifting in a Pushup?
Pushups are a basic staple of exercise and are part of many Beachbody programs, such as Insanity. You may know that a pushup is a bodyweight exercise in which you work your muscles by lifting your own body weight, but how much are you lifting? In this article, personal trainer Joanna Schafhausen teaches you how to use a scale to determine what percentage of your body weight you’re lifting when you do a pushup. She also shares some tips on doing the perfect pushup and, for those who want an increased challenge, some ways to make your pushups harder to lift more of your body weight.

2. Foam Rolling
As you get started on or change up your workout routine, you may experience soreness. In this article, Dr. Mark Cheng, creator of Tai Cheng, teaches you about the benefits of Self-Myofascial Release, more commonly known as self-massage, which a foam roller can be used for. He provides tips on choosing the right foam roller for your massage preference and choosing on which part of the body to use the foam roller.

3. Ways to Measure Progress
As tempting as it might be to keep jumping on the scale to see your fitness and weightless progress, I don’t recommend it as it tends to disappoint people. Weight can fluctuate daily, and if you’re building muscle you might even gain weight, but you’ll still lose inches. Thus, I recommend resorting to inches if you just have to measure something. In addition to these two methods, in this article, Alana Smithee provides 5 more ways you can measure your progress.

4. 10 Tips on Home Workout Gear
Excited to work out at home but not sure what you might need besides a workout program? Steve Edwards has 10 tips on things you can have and/or do to help you get the most out of your at-home workouts.

5. Killing Germs in Your Home Gym
Now that you’re getting sweaty at home, you’ll want to keep your workout space clean and as germ free as possible. One thing I was already doing before reading this article is to have dedicated shoes for working out in the home. In addition to this tip, Stephanie Saunders provides advice on how to clean a variety of things you may have in your home gym or workout space including your shoes, weights, mats, pull-up bars and push-up stands, resistance bands, and carpet or floor.

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