“It’s All About the Core Balance” (Day 11: Cardio Recovery)

cardio recoveryOnce again, Cardio Recovery wasn’t as much of a break as the name implies. My legs started burning after the first few squats, and my knees hurt when I had to hold the squat position. I did not hold it as long as Shaun T gave time for, but I did it as long as I could. While I did the lunges, I skipped the move with the leg lowered in the lunge and pulsing to give my knees a break and because my husband had previously advised against doing it.

Balance was something that was a bit of a challenge during this workout. During the stretch where one leg is out at about 90 degrees and held it was hard for me to stay upright. Shaun T said “It’s all about the core balance.” I guess that’s something I haven’t quite found for that move. I did manage to hold the knee to oblique stretch though.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad day and it was nice to have a bit of recovery from the cardio. Since my birthday falls on Friday the 13th, the same day as Day 12 of Insanity, I considered also doing Cardio Power and Resistance later in the night, but I decided to just stick with the program and do it the next day.

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