Book Review: Real Food Therapy Guide

Book Review: Real Food Therapy Guide image via True Health Unlimited siteWhile I don’t suffer from the majority of the afflictions covered in The Real Food Therapy Guide, I read the whole book in one sitting. Over twenty different types of afflictions are covered. Each has an overview of what the affliction is and its common symptoms. Next the foods which may help to consume or avoid are reviewed in Western and Eastern perspectives. My knowledge of nutrition is not as extensive as the author who has a Master’s in Nutritional Science, but from other nutrition articles and books I have read, I recognize some of the same information and his knowledge appears to be accurate.

Almost every statement was linked to a source,  and one could easily double check to verify, do their own followup research, and of course check with a doctor before trying the methods.  I recommend everyone have a copy of this book. At the time of this writing, one can obtain a free eBook version through True Health Unlimited by signing up for their free nutrition newsletter. The book is also available for purchase in paperback version through Amazon.

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