Bring It! Part 4 The Meal Plan

bring itPart 4 of the Bring It! is the Meal Plan section, and it’s broken down into three parts: Cleanse, Nourish, and Supplement followed by Laws of Health and Fitness and Recipes. Although I read this section and learned some useful information, I didn’t follow it as a plan, so I didn’t track my experience with it. But I figured I’d at least share an overview of what’s in each section.


The cleansing part is designed to last for 30 days and you gradually eliminate caffeine, alcohol, sugar, processed, foods, gluten and animal products. Tony gives reasons why each  of these things could be a problem and what kind of foods are included. He recommends eliminating them for 30 days and then deciding which, if any, you want to add back in your diet. The rate at which you eliminate them depends on your level. Warriors eliminate caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and processed foods in week 1, gluten products in week 2, dairy in week 3, and other animal products in week 4.


Tony provides a list of the kinds of foods you should eat for 30 days (and hopefully beyond), their serving size and daily or weekly servings, and a list of some of the types of foods that fall into each category. He also gives an example of how to create a meal plan from these foods and includes some meals from the recipes in the back of the chapter as well as some other tips.



Tony talks about supplements including what they are, what they do, and the difference between supplements and drugs. He lists 11 supplements he takes and recommends including why you might need each and the effective dosages.

After these sections he goes through his laws of health and fitness: Variety is the Spice of Fitness, Consistency, Intensity, Purpose, Reality, Play, Plan, Sleep More and Stress Less, Love It, Flexibility, and Eat Well with explanations on what each mean and how following them can help. The final section includes recipes.

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