“You’re Gonna Be In It Today” (Day 41: Max Interval Plyo)

max interval plyoIn the beginning of Max Interval Plyo, Shaun T says, “You’re gonna be in it today.” I did my best to be. I was very tired and kind of bored in the warmup but pushed myself through it. Once again Shaun T had some uncanny timing in his cues as he was saying “get your hands off your knees” as I put them there for a quick rest during the first circuit.

I had read about and starting paying more attention proper pushups are actually more on the toes while sometimes I have been more on the ball of my foot. So I try to make sure that I am in the correct position even if it takes longer to get there and pushups are much easier now that I am doing them more correctly more consistently. I still had to do regular pushups rather than the power pushups and couldn’t’ get all of the second set in the Level 3 Drills.

I think I waited too long between meals because I was hungry and weak throughout the workout, especially from the end of the second circuit onward. I could not do the side pushups so I worked on just holding the initial position. It worked on eht left side, but on the right I my feet slipped too much.

I heard my husband in the hall and stopped for a few minutes. He was doing pull ups and had me do a  few with his assistance. I thought he was doing a lot of it because I was pretty tired and weak feeling but he insisted it was mostly my work and even just having someone lightly touching can trick your mind and make it easier to do. After that I went back and finished the rest of the workout.

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“This is Max Interval Circuit, and It’s Gonna Kick Your Butt” (Day 40: Max Interval Circuit)

max interval circuit and fit testShaun T introduces the Max Interval Circuit with the announcement, “This is Max Interval Circuit, and it’s gonna kick your butt,” and that’s not inaccurate. Insanity warmups are always a little tiring, but I was very out of breath this time. By the time we went through the second set of the first interval, I was already feeling weak. By the third set of the second interval with the hook jumps, I skipped jumping about every other time.

When we got to side suicide jumps I was going pretty slow. Shaun T even recommended doing this though if you’re not up to the point of doing it quickly. Before the last set he said, “You’re probably completely exhausted right now,” and I definitely was. My arms were rubber by the last set of plank punches but I pushed through. Doing them made me think of the picture at the beginning. Despite that I was pretty tired  I was sweating so much my wedding ring started slipping so I know I got in a good workout.

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Getting Back Into It (Day 39: Max Recovery)

max recoveryAfter a few days off, I picked up where I left off with Max Recovery. It was nice to “ease” back into the workouts, in so far as Shaun T’s version of “recovery” is easier than the other days. Like the Cardio Recovery of Month 1 the warmup is more stretching than anything. This one involved a lot of lunging, contract and relax, and hip flexor stretches.

Workout 1 started off with more stretching moves then plank work with bringing the knees up in increasing repetitions. Then we went into slow pushups which was nice for practice. We did stretches with butt lifters and more stretching.

Workout 2 includes some work in high plank including one arm balance holders with pushups between which was a little hard to hold. The low plank work was similar to the work in Cardio Abs. I guess I was not as well as I thought as I threw up a little before the last set of low plank obliques. I still had 20 minutes left and felt okay otherwise so I paused, got some water, and got back into it.

Workout 3 started with hip openers in plié and pulses with increasing repetitions. Then we lifted the ankle up on each side and then on both sides, still doing pulses. It really started to burn, and by the time I had both ankles up my legs were even shaking.

Workout 4 was a high plank low plank exercise like the one in Cardio Abs. Shaun T said it works the shoulders, biceps, and triceps and I could definitely feel it working.

Workout 5 is oblique/knee work similar to Cardio Abs but longer and also moving the arm and kicking the leg up to work the shoulder and abs. Then we did a cool down stretch. Overall it was a good workout day and I’m glad I was doing Max Recovery rather than jumping into the Max Interval Circuit scheduled for the following day.

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“45 Minutes of Pure Endurance Training” (Day 38: Max Cardio Conditioning)

I planned on doing the Day 38 workout in the evening but I let my husband convince me to watch a movie with him. By the time it was over, it was later than I had planned to be up. I had a job interview the following morning so I decided to skip the workout in favor of sleep which put me another day behind. Even with missing I figured I could double up in the next couple days and do a workout on Sunday to bring me back up to date.

I did Day 38 the following day. The warm up for Max Cardio Conditioning started off the same as the other Month 2 workouts before it. However, during the third set Shaun T changed it up a bit going back to one similar to the Month 1 workouts: Sprint, Jumping Jacks, Heisman, 1-2-3 1-2-3, and High Knees. Then we stretched.

Similar to Pure Cardio, Max Cardio Conditioning is one long circuit rather than repetitions of a few different circuits. The workout was as follows: High-Low Jab with a Squat, 30 Second Right Left, Football Runs, Low Plank, Basketball Jump with Squat, Right and Left Kick, Diamond Jumps, Suicide Jumps, In and Out Push Up Jacks, Suicide Jumps, High Knee, High-Low/Floor Sprint, Ski Abs, Kick Step Back, Squat  Twist, Over the River Hops, Attack, Power Knees, Ski Down Hooks, Belt Kicks, Forward/Back Suicides, Push Up Abs, Plank Punches, 8 Jump Rope/8 Hop Squats, and Squat Speed Bag. Then we stretched.

Overall I liked Max Cardio Conditioning better than the Max Interval Circuit. I did not manage to get in another workout that day despite having done it earlier but at least I got one in. Unfortunately I ended up having a couple different health issues over the weekend and beginning of the week that kept me from exercising. On top of not feeling well I was exhausted even when I got a lot of sleep. Since Max Recovery was the next workout and originally scheduled for Thursday, I decided to give myself a few days of rest and pick up the following Thursday where I had left off.

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Falling Behind for the First Time (Day 37: Max Interval Plyo)

max interval plyoDay 37 was the first time I fell behind for this round of Insanity. I made it just over two weeks longer without missing a day than last year. I originally planned to work out in the evening. But I tried my husband’s Syntha protein powder I hadn’t had before. It’s by the same company that makes the Tru Mass I have had so I figured it would be about the same. For some reason this one didn’t agree with me and I ended up with stubborn indigestion. By about 2am I finally gave up on the idea it might subside in time to work out and decided to go to bed. I did Day 37 the following day.

Max Interval Plyo starts off with the same warmup as Max Interval Circuit and stretching. The first interval is three sets of Switch Jumps, Squat Pushups, Wide In & Out Abs, and Power Jumps. The second time through the Switch Jumps my right knee hurt. I stretched and tried to do another jump and land more softly. It still hurt, so I skipped those. I was able to do them again in the third set but went slow. After the third time through we went right into one legged V pushups on each side for one set.

The next interval was Pogo, Power Push Ups, Globe Twists, and Level 3 Push Ups. I had trouble keeping up with the push ups so during the second set of Power Push Ups I tried using some stands. They slid on the floor so during the Level 3 Push Ups I used my husband’s Perfect Push Ups which worked a lot better. After that we did Power Lunges/Hop Squats.

Then we did Side Push Ups, Kick Stand Touch the Floor, 8 Power Knees, Diamond Jumps, and Balance Pushups. I could not hold myself up enough for the Side Pushups and had to modify them a bit. Overall it wasn’t a bad day and I enjoyed it a little more than Max Interval Circuit.

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“This is Why It’s Called Insanity” (Day 36: Fit Test Three & Max Interval Circuit)

max interval circuit and fit testDay 36 was the first day of Month 2. In the morning I had to leave much earlier than I usually get up for a doctor’s appointment and didn’t get back til several hours later. I originally had planned to do Insanity when I got back but I decided to rest. I kept putting it off til I finally decided to do the Fit Test late at night. I told my husband I’d get the test done but try to be quiet during the workout if he was going to bed. He said not to worry about it as I wouldn’t wake him up. So I got started.

My Fit Test Results:
Switch Kicks-86 kicks
Power Jacks-52
Power Knees-70
Power Jumps-37
Globe Jumps-8
Suicide Jumps-16
Push up Jacks-24
Low Plank Obliques-60

Usually I count the reps on Switch Kicks, which consist of two kicks, and this time I counted the individual kicks. That kind of threw me off and I ended up with six less kicks than last time. On the upside, this irritated me enough that I pushed harder on the Power Jacks and got six more than last time. I got three more of the Power Knees. I also noticed on the Power Knees I have been keeping the leg that comes up further back than Tania was so I’m sure that’s contributing to me getting much less than she does. By the time I got to Power Jumps I was starting to get out of breath but I managed to beat last time by one. Unfortunately the Globe Jumps I was down by a whole set (four jumps). I managed the same amount of Suicide Jumps. I had acid reflux as I got down for the Low Plank Obliques and managed to be down by four on them. Overall while it wasn’t a terrible test, I am somewhat disappointed by the slide back in the areas I did not do as well on. But I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised as tired as I was.

The calendar has the Fit Test and Max Interval Circuit one after the other on the same day, but whether one is really supposed to do them back to back I don’t know. I was not able to. I waited about an hour in between which put me starting the workout on about 22 hours without sleep. I managed to push through it but it was very draining and I think next time I will give myself a longer gap between the test and workout.

The warmup changes for Max Interval Circuit. Now it’s Jogging, Jumping Jacks with Arms Up, 1-2-3’s, Jump Rope Side to Side, High Knees with Arms Out, Switch Kicks, Hit the Floor, and Side to Side Floor Hops. This is repeated three times with increasing speed. I kept up with most of the first time and then started falling behind. After the warmup is still a stretch with slight variations. Then we got down to the circuits.

The first one was Pedal/Power Lunges, 2 sets of Ski Abs, Push Up Jacks, In and Out Abs, and Oblique Pushups, then Power Strike, and Frog Jumps. This whole circuit was repeated three times with breaks between. On the last set before we could break we did Football Runs and Cross Jacks. The Football Runs involved turning in a circle and were sort of dizzying.

The next interval was 4 High Hook, 4 Low Hook, 4 High Jump, High Knees with Twist, High/Low Jab with Squat and Floor Switch Kicks which was also three times. During the second round of 4 High Jumps he says to only do the jumps if you can. This was just as well because I wasn’t getting very high at that point due to exhaustion and while my husband had said he wouldn’t be bothered I still didn’t want to jump too loud. I also didn’t have the strength to pick myself up too high for the Floor Switch Kicks and started doing the kicks without the little “jump”. Fortunately during the kicks he said we don’t have to jump for the whole time. On the third time, we had 1-2-3 jabs across one time and then the break.

The last interval was Side Suicide Jumps, Squat Hook, Full Body Drill (Running, Moving Pushup, Wide Floor Sprints) and Plank Punches, also three times. Toward the end Shaun T said “You’re probably completely exhausted.” Ya think? But as he also said, “This is why they call it Insanity.”

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