“It’s Simple But Effective” (Day 55: Core Cardio & Balance)

core cardio & balanceI believe it’s during the knee to elbow obliques in Core Cardio and Balance that Shaun T says, “It’s simple but effective.” Many of the moves are. He also talks about the hip flexor and shoulder burners taking the most strength. I still believe it. I had to drop my arms several times during the shoulder burners. My quads were a little tight throughout the workout so I added a flamingo stretch to the end.

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“Max Interval Training in Full Effect” (Day 54: Max Interval Circuit)

max interval circuit and fit testAt the start of the warm up, Shaun T says, “Max Interval Training in full effect.” I hadn’t really felt like doing the workout on Day 54 and I put it off until midnight. My legs were tired even during the first circuit. But, I got into it toward the end of the workout. Just getting started was the hardest part.

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“That’s a Workout For Ya Right There” (Day 53: Max Recovery)

max recoveryI hadn’t really looked forward to Max Recovery on Day 53 as much as I thought I would the day before. Plus, I hadn’t eaten close enough to workout out so I was starving with 23 minutes left.  After the leg pulses, Shaun T says “That’s a  workout for ya right there.” It doesn’t seem like it would be much at the start but my legs always shake by the end as do the girl’s he focuses on in the video. I did better in this Max Recovery’s one arm balance holders than I had before but I struggled to get in all the low plank high planks at the end.  I didn’t feel too bad though because the guy he focuses on doesn’t make it through all of them either. Much as I kind of hadn’t wanted to do the workout when I started, I was glad I did it by the end.

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“What’s About to Happen to Your Body is Completely Insane” (Day 52: Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs)

max cardio conditioning and cardio absIn Max Cardio Conditioning, Shaun T says, “What’s about to happen to your body is completely insane.” And he’s right. In ways I think this is one of the hardest workouts  because it doesn’t have many scheduled breaks, but I think it’s also my favorite because I like the variety of the. If you dislike something, you only have to do it for that minute and go on. There’s no dreading coming back to doing it another two times.

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“Pain Is Temporary…”(Day 51: Max Interval Plyo)

max interval plyoMy quads were a little more sore than normal before doing Day 51’s Max Interval Plyo, but I got through the workout without a problem. Well, I should say without the quads being a problem. My right knee did hurt a little during the first and third set of squat jumps. I just tried to make sure my knees were not over my toes and that I was landing softly. I still could not do the side push ups, so I just held myself in the up position. Even doing that, I was only able to make it about halfway through that exercise.

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“This Is Where It Hurts” (Day 50: Fit Test Four and Max Interval Circuit)

max interval circuit and fit testDay 50 was Fit Test Four followed by Max Interval Circuit. Because I had been so tired during the workout after the last test, I planned to leave much more time in between this time. I left a couple hours longer in between, but it was still exhausting going through both. Fortunately, the last test will be on it’s own day so I won’t have to worry about that again. The only thing I have to say about the Max Interval Circuit after the test can be covered in something Shaun T says during the High Knees with Twist: “This is where it hurts.” That said, here are my results from Fit Test Four:

Switch Kicks-45 reps (90 kicks)
Power Jacks-50
Power Knees-72
Power Jumps-37
Globe Jumps-8 (32 jumps)
Suicide Jumps-16
Push Up Jacks-28
Low Plank Obliques-65

Last time, I threw myself off on Switch Kicks by counting individual kicks instead of reps, so I went back to counting reps and improved by 3 (6 kicks). Last time I had ended up with 6 kicks less than the time before so I basically just brought myself back to my previous high count. Unfortunately I got 2 less on the Power Jacks this time, but I improved by 2 on the Power Knees. I remained the same on the Power Jumps, Globe Jumps, and Suicide Jumps. I improved by 4 Push Up Jacks and by 5 Low Plank Obliques.

Overall, I was sort of disappointed that I didn’t improve in more areas (and slid back in one) but as Tony Horton says in his bookBring It!, “Do your best and forget the rest.” I did the best I could at the time I did each test, and that’s the important part. I didn’t backslide for much of it and I did have improvement in some areas, so I’ll be satisfied with that and I’ll be interested to see how far I’ve come from this time and from the beginning next time.

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