Les Mills Combat Supreme Warrior Wrap-up

Les Mills Combat CaseAfter Week 7 of Les Mills Combat on the Supreme Warrior schedule, I had my rest day plus an extra one. To begin Week 8, I did Combat 60 Live, which is always intense but fun. Normally I work out in a sports bra and shorts, but since it was a cool day, I did the workout in yoga pants and a tank top. I should have stuck with my usual attire. About halfway through, I took off the tank top to work out in my sports bra but was stuck with the pants. I got pretty overheated. I made it through the workout without needing to change into shorts, but I’ll stick with shorts for that workout from now on.

I thought I had gotten through at least two more workouts in Week 8. However, I apparently didn’t take notes (or took them by hand and misplaced them), and of course I can’t seem to find the calendar on which I was marking off the days I had done. So, this will have to suffice as the conclusion of my experience with this program. I can’t remember why, but I took over a week after those few days. At that point, with only about a week left to finish the program, I figured my “end results” wouldn’t really be accurate if I picked up where I left off. However, while I have since done one-off Les Mills Combat workouts and enjoy them, a “do over” of the full program has yet to happen.

In retrospect, I should have just picked up where I left off as long as I was feeling fit enough to do those workouts, so I could say I finished even if it wasn’t “on time”. I might have had slightly less great results than I would have liked because that would have been better than doing what I did do, which was end up putting off consistently working out for far longer than I should have. On the plus side, at least I got in about 7 and a half weeks of workouts, which is more than I had before starting the program.

I am finding that even with programs I enjoy, like Les Mills Combat, I tend to get bored doing the same thing over and over, and I think that contributes to me not being motivated enough to finish them For awhile, in an effort to at least work out more if not follow a program, I just did whatever struck my fancy for the day.

Now, I’m doing Les Mills Pump. I’ve started my third week of that program and, while not bored, I have mixed up some of the days, figuring it’s better to do the next in line and go back than to take an extra rest day that might turn into two or more. Because the program recommends walks with some of the shorter workouts or on days where no workout is scheduled with the recommendation to replace the walk with another cardio workout if needed, I’m enjoying the flexibility to change things up, which I think is going to help me push through.

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Les Mills Combat Week 7 Supreme Warrior


I’m back to share my experience with Week 7 of Les Mills Combat. You can read more about the program and why I did it here. Posts about previous weeks in the program can be found here.

I took a couple of days off because I was busy or lazy—I don’t remember which, but they often occur together—and then I didn’t feel well for a week. So, about a week and a half after Week 6, I started Week 7 with Combat 45. By this time, it felt good to finally work out again.

Unfortunately I jacked up my sleep schedule over the next few days and didn’t find time when I was both awake and with enough energy that I could jump around for a few more days. When I got to HIIT Power, it was 10 at night on the night when I did it, so I skipped all the jumping lunges and sumo jumps. This cut the workout time down significantly, but at least I got the workout in and didn’t upset the neighbors below (as far as I know).

A couple days later, I got to Combat 60 Live. I modified the scissors and switches but made it through the whole workout. Getting this workout in felt good. A couple days later, I got Plyo in and worked out in the morning after I’d stayed up all night. I’m not sure how I managed to stick it out, but I did. Combat 45 was the next day, and while I wasn’t feeling it part of the way through and was tempted to skip some, I didn’t, and I was glad I made it through the whole workout. I ended up not working out the next day, but the day after that I did Power HIIT in the afternoon. I’m glad I worked out then, because by the night I would not have felt up to it.

Obviously, when I say Week 7 here, I am referring specifically to the week’s worth of workouts since it took me longer than a week to get to and longer than a week to get through. Although in an ideal world I would have done them on schedule, I think it’s more important that they got done in the first place. Spreading a program week out over several extra days is better than skipping the whole week, after all.


What is your approach to following a workout program schedule, or do you prefer not to follow one?

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Les Mills Combat Week 6 Supreme Warrior

Les Mills Ultimate WarriorI’m back to share my experience with Week 6 of Les Mills Combat. You can read more about the program and why I did it here. Posts about previous weeks in the program can be found here.

If you haven’t yet tried this program and are interested in doing so, act soon. Les Mills and Beachbody are discontinuing their relationship, so supplies of Les Mills Combat are limited to stock on hand. The base program is currently 40% off and comes with free gloves, which I have found make punching easier.

At the beginning of Week 6, I took an extra day off because it was about 100 degrees all day and we have no AC. I was glad I did. Combat Live was intense and much more enjoyable on a slightly cooler day. This workout felt like it had a faster pace than Combat 60. Some of the capoeira based moves really worked the legs. I can see why they didn’t start using this one until 6 weeks into the program.

I skipped a day between workouts to get a paper done for class, but I got the next workout done the following day. I don’t have much to say about HIIT Power. It’s still not my favorite workout ever.

Combat 45 was fun. I even got in the jump side kicks that I usually skip and most of the jump knees that I usually modify.

HIIT Plyo is another workout that isn’t really my favorite. I was tempted to do Combat 60 Live instead, but then I realized then I’d have Plyo and Power on back to back days and that would kind of stink. So I did the ploy today. I still modified a lot but did some of the climbers and the hovers without modifying. It was a nice cloudy, cool day following a morning rain, which normally I wouldn’t look forward to, but it’s been so hot with no AC that I was glad for it. I kind of hope for rain or at least clouds tomorrow with 60 minutes to do.

I was glad for a cool day with a breeze doing Combat 60 Live once again. While I managed to do more of the knees and kicks in esquiva than I had the first time, it was still pretty difficult.

I took another day off and then did HIIT Power. I was glad the workout was only 30 minutes because I’ve started to get bored doing it Fortunately I only have to do it 4 more times.

If you’ve done Les Mills Combat, what is your favorite workout from the program? 



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Les Mills Combat Weeks 4 & 5: Supreme Warrior

combat 30 and 45Today I’m continuing my experience with my first time through Les Mills Combat, during which I did the Supreme Warrior schedule. If you’re new to this series, you can learn about the program and why I did it here, my first week of the program here, and weeks 2 & 3 here.

Week 4

Combat 60

I made the mistake of waiting too long after eating again (you’d think I’d learn). So that I wouldn’t completely drop out of the workout, I skipped the two exercises in the middle where the girls do one and the guys do the next one, which shaved about ten minutes off the workout.


I ended up skipping a day and then doing the plyo day. It’s not really my favorite day, but I got through it.
Combat 45

I did this a little further back from the tv than usual because I was trying to avoid the sun beating in the window (we recently moved, and I still needed to get curtains). That made it a little hard to get into some of the moves because I had to worry whether I was going to kick the table or garbage cans. But it was still a pretty good workout.

HIIT Power

As much as I feel like this workout is working, I also feel like I’m pretty weak. I used to use more weight working out with machines, but I’m still using 5 lb weights (in each hand) for this workout and still getting smoked.

Combat 60

Unlike the last time, I managed to get through the whole workout without skipping any.


I wasn’t super looking forward to this workout, but I did it and got a good workout.


Week 5

This week is all cardio with no ploy and no power, so I was excited because I love cardio. The first day was combat 30. I think this is the best I’ve done in the Combat 30 workout, and noticed I was able to put more power behind the punches. The next workouts were Combat 45 followed by Combat 60. Then the sequence repeated. I don’t have a lot to say about the rest of the week except that I really enjoyed just being able to do cardio for a change. Even though I have gotten used to the workouts, I’m still getting a good workout because I can put more behind the moves each time.


Have you done Les Mills Combat or do you think you might be interested in doing it? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Les Mills Combat Weeks 2 & 3: Supreme Warrior

extreme cardio fighterDid you do something to reach your fitness goals today? I did. Although I didn’t end up doing PiYo as I seem to have misplaced it, I did do Tony Horton’s Ho Ale Ke Kino, a yoga workout which I’ll tell you about in the future.

Today I want to return to a topic I had begun on before I dropped out of the blogosphere for awhile, my first experience with Les Mills Combat during which I did the Supreme warrior schedule. If you missed the initial posts, you can learn more about the program and why I did it here and about my first week of the program here. Although it’s in the past now, since I wrote the initial logs focusing on the present and posted the first week that way, that’s how they’ll be going forward.

Week 2

The workout order in Week 2 of Les Mills Combat was identical to Week 1. However, nothing really got “easier” because, once I knew more what I was doing, I was able to put more power behind my moves. Doing the plyo day after the first Combat 60 day was still challenging, and I still ended up doing some modifications. Over all, I am still really enjoyed the program. I like that there is a variety of workouts, but my favorite days are Combat 30 and Combat 60, with a bit of a leaning toward the Combat 60.

Week 3

I decided to take my waist at navel measurements before my workout on the first day and it was 31 inches, down two inches from when I measured it a couple days into the program. I don’t think that’s too bad a gain for a few weeks of work.

Combat 45

This was the first time doing Combat 45. It was a good variety of moves, and while I didn’t find myself getting exhausted, I did get very sweaty. I also liked the addition of the lunge cross which wasn’t in any of the other workouts that I recall. I really liked the cool-down on this day compared to other days. It’s on the ground and stretches several of the leg muscles and lasts for four minutes instead of the typical couple minutes of most of the workouts. One thing I have been noticing worth noting is the choreography being timed to the music. In one of the workouts (I think Combat 60) there’s a rising elbow and punching combo where you do a softer move and then the lyrics say “…just let it gooo” before you start doing the harder workout. In this one, there’s a back fist timed to “it’s a (bleeped word) arms race” where you know what part is supposed to go in the pause and they are emphasizing it with the backfirst.

HIIT Power

I used the 5 lb weights again and this workout was still a challenge. One of the trainers, Dan, says something in this workout that stuck out to me as a nice motivational fitness quote: “Diamonds are formed when you put pressure on them”.

Combat 30

This day fell on 4th of July, and while I ended up skipping festivities in favor of homework, I was happier to have 30 minutes ahead of me instead of 60. I noticed I’m starting to get v cuts, which is pretty cool. This workout isn’t getting any easier though because I’ve been putting more into the moves, so I started to get tired halfway through.


This is not my favorite workout, and the day it was assigned, I decided to skip it intending to do it the next day. Over the next couple days, I managed to throw my sleep schedule totally in reverse and didn’t think I’d have the energy. By the time I was on the morning of what would be the fourth day, I decided to just do it even though I had been up all night. I had to modify even more than usual, but I made it through and still broke a sweat, so it was worth doing.


I honestly didn’t realize I forgot to write about this day until a few days later and don’t really remember what I was thinking during or after it.


I ended up skipping four days between Combat 60 and this workout, the first couple due to not feeling well, and the last couple due to our 110V power blowing (although to be honest if I’d thought of it and been more motivated I could have used my computer to do the workout, but such is life). I finally did it and instantly regretted the time I had taken off. This workout was hard to get through. By the burpees, I opted out of the optional jumps and by the end with the hover plank, mountain climbers, and spider pushups, I did it all modified. I decided since I’d had four days off it would be silly to do the usual Rest Day the next day, so I skipped it in favor of going on to Week 4, which I’ll tell you about soon. Next time, in honor of Festival of Sleep Day I plan to make sleep a focus of the post.


Have you done Les Mills Combat? If so, what’s your favorite day?

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Les Mills Combat Week 1: Supreme Warrior

1 lmc caseStarting Statistics

The program includes a card to record beginning and ending measurements. It includes less than I have recorded before (for example only asking for the waist and seeming to indicate waist at narrowest but not asking for the waist at navel, but I decided to just stick with what was there. My measurements were as follows:
Chest: 35 inches
Right arm: 10 inches
Left arm: 10 inches
Waist: 28 inches
Hips: 37 inches
Right thigh: 22 inches
Left thigh: 21 inches
Weight: 123 pounds

A couple days later I took the waist at navel measurement because my husband had remarked about me slimming down already and it hadn’t been on the card and it was 33 inches.

Day 1: The Basics and Combat 30

I didn’t realize there was an intro DVD before the day I started, and I didn’t want to wait another day to get going, so I decided to do both on the same day. The Basics is just what it sounds like. It’s a 30 minute DVD that just covers the basic moves that are used in Combat from each discipline. It isn’t very intensive, so I didn’t have a problem doing it and then the workout. There is also an introduction to the instructors on this DVD but I didn’t watch it.

IMG_3074After that, I did Combat 30. It was a workout and left me red and sweaty afterward, but it wasn’t so hard that it made it feel impossible. There were a lot of jabs, crosses, hooks, and kicks…a LOT of kicks. There is one part where they go through about 200 kicks in succession, but it really doesn’t feel like you’re doing that many as you do it because there is a nice variety (roundhouses, front kicks, back kicks, side kicks, jump kicks). The jump kicks are probably my favorite and I recall them being one of my favorites in the karate classes I used to take.

I woke up sore in my back. They say something in the first workout to the effect of “Pain is change”. It made me wish I’d stretched my back a little more (the stretches at the end of the DVD are minimal) but it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t know until I got to this DVD that the program required weights. I thought there would be some kind of modification, but there wasn’t. Fortunately I found some 5 lb weights and was able to continue the workout. I am glad I didn’t try to do it with anything larger because there are quite a few repetitions and a lot of lifting the weights up over the head. While I may need to get bigger ones later, it was a good weight to start off with.

Day 3: Combat 30
I was surprised that I didn’t really feel sore today despite doing the weight workout the day before. Today was another round of the same workout from Day 1, so this time I said “yes” to amping up the music. I’m glad I hadn’t done it the first day as you can barely hear the instructors, but without selecting it, you can’t really hear the music. I was surprised to hear Panic at the Disco as one of the songs because I hadn’t been able to hear the words the first day. I feel like being able to hear the music helps me put more energy into the workout and between that and having a better idea what I was doing, I think I got a better workout than the first day and for sure I was more red and more sweaty afterward. I was tired, but not exhausted, so I felt like I had made the right choice for the program track, but the next day would be twice as long so I wasn’t sure how I would fare with that.

Day 4: Combat 60
I ended up needing three glasses of water during this workout, but I was able to stick it out all the way through. I enjoyed this workout, except the end where they ask you to get on your knees for pushups. I was so sweaty I started sliding and had to put down a towel (which wasn’t much better but helped a bit) and then kept it down to lay on for the crunches. I was really glad finishing today that I chose this track where I would have this workout instead of a rest day.

Day 5: Plyo HIIT

Having done Insanity, I didn’t expect to have much trouble keeping up with 30 minutes of Plyo. I was wrong. I did 60 minutes of cardio with little issue, but I was struggling to keep up 10 minutes in to this workout. Part of this I’m sure was due to having done cardio so long the day before and not having timed my eating to my workout. I had only had a small breakfast a few hours before I worked out. Usually I try to space it better. Fortunately there is a girl who provides modifications. I didn’t use her modifiers for everything, but I did for a few things, and in that way I was able to complete the full workout.

Day 6: Combat 60
The second day of Combat 60 was not bad compared to the first one. I think it’s actually my favorite of the workouts so far.

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