Bring It! Parts 2 & 3: The Routines and The Moves

In bring it Bring It! Part 2, you learn which routines you’ll be doing based on what level you were gauged at during the Fitness Quotient. Those who are actually starting off at beginner level will get the most use out of this portion of the book because they’ll have three levels of workouts to go through. I was starting with the Warrior’s level so I just had the one. This level consists of two cardio phases, two resistance phases, and a yoga routine.

The moves are given in Part 3 and the idea is to familiarize yourself with the moves before doing them. Even though many of the moves are obvious what they are and you may have done them before, I recommend looking them all up. For example, what is listed here as “Runner’s stretch” is not what I have previously done by the same name but is more similar to the (what was the stretch name) in Insanity. The thing that frustrated me most about this was that the moves in Part 2 do not list what page you’ll find them on in Part 3. The index does, but this meant a lot of flipping just to find out what the moves were going to be. While this might not bother some people it was very frustrating for me and makes me appreciate having a DVD with someone showing me the required moves all the more.

My original intention was to do each of the workouts at least once, but I only ended up doing Warriors Cardio Phase I and Part of Warrior’s Resistance Phase  1 on the same day. While the Cardio workout was good and I did workup a sweat, it started to get repetitive as many things required 30 reps. For a lot of them I was only able to do about half before going on to the next. Because I was also planning to do the Resistance workout, I only did each circuit once rather than repeating the full workout. I did the cool down for the cardio workout and the specific warmup for Resistance but skipped the general warmup as I’d already done it.

The specific warmup in the Resistance phase was nice because my shoulders were sore, so the rolls helped. It turned out I wasn’t able to do a lot of the moves because I only have a single kettle bell and some required two weights. I did do the lawnmowers but the 15lb weight was too heavy for me to do 15 rep on each side, so I did 10. I was able to do the workouts that required the pull up bar or no equipment. Considering my lack of equipment for Resistance, lack of attention span for Cardio, and the fact I find it easier to be shown what I should do than read it I decided to skip doing the rest of the workouts from the book so I could move on to P90X. [Edit: I dabbled in that program but never did get far enough to justify posting about it.]

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“Let’s Get It!” (Day 62: Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs)

max cardio conditioning and cardio absDuring the Diamond Jumps in Max Cardio, Shaun T says, “Let’s get it!” That was my intention for the workout It would be my final time doing and Cardio Abs and the last workout day before the final fit test. It was a relief to finally be at the end, but I like that workout so I will kind of miss it. I will probably do it again on occasion. My favorite part was probably that I managed 80 power knees on the left side (which is the side used in the fit test) in 30 seconds, which is more than I had been making in the fit test in a minute. Ideally I wanted to keep up that pace so I would have 160 kicks in the test, but even as much as I got done during the workout would be an improvement.

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“You Gotta Stay In There” (Day 61: Max Interval Plyo)

max interval plyoDuring the third time through the first circuit in Max Interval Plyo, Shaun T says “You gotta stay in there.” I think this applies not just to the circuit but the program. You just have to stick it out. In the last set of level three drills, he says “My shoulders are burning.” Mine were too. I’m glad I didn’t try to double up with the previous day and think I got more out of Max Plyo saving it for this day. I also finally did all of the side pushups. I wasn’t able to go down as far as they do, but it was an improvement over not being able to do them at all.

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“We’re Strong, But We Still Gotta Balance Ourselves” (Day 60: Core Cardio & Balance)

core cardio & balanceI debated doing Core Cardio & Balance and Max Plyo on the same day so I wouldn’t be two days behind, but I ended up deciding just to do the one. During the hip flexor burners Shaun T said, “We’re strong, but we still gotta balance ourselves,” and I think balance is important to remember. It was better to do my best at one workout than to not get as much out of the second if I was already tired. On the hip flexor burners I usually had to use the wall during the leg extensions. This time I managed to make it through all of them without doing that, although I did still have to drop my leg and shake it out a couple times.

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“I’m a Beachbody Coach. I Lead By Example” (Day 59: Max Interval Circuit)

max interval circuit and fit testDay 59’s Max Interval Circuit was supposed to be on a Wednesday. I wasn’t feeling well, so I tried a couple different Zumba dances from Youtube videos. I was tired even doing that so I decided to wait and see if I felt better later. I didn’t that night or the next day. I still didn’t feel well on Friday but I didn’t want to be three days behind so I decided to do it then.

I was so weak I only managed to make it through about half of most of the exercises. I think it was better to make it through half of them with the proper form and intensity than to half-ass through all of it or to miss another day. During the squat punches, Shaun T goes over to Jimmy who says “I’m a Beachbody coach. I lead by example.” And Shaun T says “He’s doing the example right now.” While I felt bad at first that this was the workout I was missing for two days, I think that part of leading by example is knowing when your body needs the rest, and then getting back into it.

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“Dig Deeper. That’s What It’s About” (Day 58: Cardio Abs & Max Cardio Circuit)

max cardio conditioning and cardio absMax Cardio Circuit comes before Cardio Abs on the calendar, but when I put the DVD in, it started up with Cardio Abs, so I decided to do it first. So I wouldn’t have to mess with putting the mat away, I didn’t use it. It made some of the seated moves slightly uncomfortable but wasn’t too bad. The last couple exercises were a little easier to get through than they are when the workout comes after Max Cardio.

When I started Max Cardio, it seemed easier than usual at first, perhaps because I’d already had a bit of a warmup. However, my abs kind of hurt as I went on and I think I should have stuck with the original order. During the workout, Shaun T says, “Dig deeper. That’s what it’s about.” I have definitely had to do so. My legs, especially my knees, have felt more tired recently. I’m not sure what’s causing it but I’ve just tried to push through it.

While it’s easy to ignore some things when you’ve seen a video several times, I noticed again and appreciate in Max Interval Circuit that Shaun T tells you why you’re doing the things you’re doing. For example, Diamond Jumps work the legs, abs, and shoulders. The Attack works the triceps, abs, and quads. Over the River Hops work the calf, quads, and abs. It’s nice to know even some of the ‘easier’ moves are doing something for me.

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“We’re Gonna Rock It Today”(Day 57: Max Interval Plyo)

Day 57’s Max Interval Plyo is the first day of the last week of Insanity and in the beginning Shaun T says “We’re gonna rock it today.” While I usually like this workout, I had to force myself to do it. I should probably go back to working out earlier in the day because the longer I wait the harder it is to talk myself into it, but I got it done.

At the end of the workout, Shaun T says “I’m sure today you did better than you did last week.” I definitely did. I was finally able to do the Power Push Up, albeit slowly. I also finally did the level 3 drills through all three sets. I also got some of the side push ups in but they were still a struggle. After I finished Max Interval Circuit, someone in my challenge group posted a video to inspire everyone. I decided to put it on and see how many chin ups I could do during it. I got through 12. While I did take breaks between some of them it was more than I’ve gotten in one attempt previously. I’ll include the video below in case anyone would like to use it to push themselves a bit further also.

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“It’s Simple But Effective” (Day 55: Core Cardio & Balance)

core cardio & balanceI believe it’s during the knee to elbow obliques in Core Cardio and Balance that Shaun T says, “It’s simple but effective.” Many of the moves are. He also talks about the hip flexor and shoulder burners taking the most strength. I still believe it. I had to drop my arms several times during the shoulder burners. My quads were a little tight throughout the workout so I added a flamingo stretch to the end.

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“Max Interval Training in Full Effect” (Day 54: Max Interval Circuit)

max interval circuit and fit testAt the start of the warm up, Shaun T says, “Max Interval Training in full effect.” I hadn’t really felt like doing the workout on Day 54 and I put it off until midnight. My legs were tired even during the first circuit. But, I got into it toward the end of the workout. Just getting started was the hardest part.

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“That’s a Workout For Ya Right There” (Day 53: Max Recovery)

max recoveryI hadn’t really looked forward to Max Recovery on Day 53 as much as I thought I would the day before. Plus, I hadn’t eaten close enough to workout out so I was starving with 23 minutes left.  After the leg pulses, Shaun T says “That’s a  workout for ya right there.” It doesn’t seem like it would be much at the start but my legs always shake by the end as do the girl’s he focuses on in the video. I did better in this Max Recovery’s one arm balance holders than I had before but I struggled to get in all the low plank high planks at the end.  I didn’t feel too bad though because the guy he focuses on doesn’t make it through all of them either. Much as I kind of hadn’t wanted to do the workout when I started, I was glad I did it by the end.

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