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Lately I have been thinking that I should do more yoga. I enjoy getting a good stretch and increasing my flexibility. And, as I was especially reminded today, yoga can help me build strength.

Today I discovered the JunieBeYou Yoga Challenge on Instagram, which began today and continues through June 21st. Hosted by @jonesy.the.yogi and @erinpeoplesfitness and sponsored by @FoxyMalas, the challenge, according to host @jonesy.the.yogi (Sarah J) “revolves around feeling good physically, and feeling good about who you are.” Participants have the chance to win jewelry from Foxy Malas.

This challenge sounded like a great idea to me. And I happened to be just in time to participate with the first day’s challenge pose, “wild thing” also known as Camatkarasana. Sarah J said she picked this pose to start with because she thinks “we all have a little wild side”. The position requires beginning in side plank. From there you reach back with the top leg and point your foot toward your head. Then, slowly reach back the arm on the same side as the leg you moved, opening your chest.

Sarah J said to hold the pose for as long as you feel relaxed. That wasn’t long for me. This pose was harder than I had expected. I’m not sure if it was because I had done it toward the end of the day after doing Les Mills Pump‘s “Pump Challenge” and taking a 40 minute walk, or if it would have been as difficult to hold myself up even if I’d done it at the beginning of the day. However, I got the hang of it well enough to call my attempts good enough for myself. You can see my second-to-last attempt at the “wild thing” pose below, which unfortunately I only just noticed went a bit blurry with the arm. My last attempt, in which I got so far back with my arm it disappeared from the photo, is on @investinginfitness. You can see what the “wild thing” pose is supposed to look like in Sarah J’s photo here.

JunieBeYou Wild Thing Yoga Pose Attempt Investing in Fitness

For those who might wonder my shirt says “Keep Calm and Stay Shiny” which is a reference to Firefly.

If you want to participate in this challenge, follow both hosts and the sponsor. Repost the challenge intro photo above from one of the sponsors’ Instagram pages on your Instagram. Take a photo of yourself attempting the daily pose and post it to Instagram and include the tag #JunieBeYou. If you have difficulty with “wild thing” or aren’t comfortable attempting it, Sarah J posted a modification, which is to remain in side plank.

Want to participate in a yoga challenge but want to try more than one pose per day? Check out IGYogaChallenges, which details several different yoga challenges going on this June. I think I’m also going to attempt BecauseYogiSays, which is like Simon Says but with yoga directives, JuneOYourChakras in which the hosts discuss chakras and share related poses, and LightOntheMasters in which the hosts teach about a yoga master per day and individuals participating can decide what pose best honors the daily master and post a picture of themselves in their pose of choice. Namaste!

Will you be participating in this or another yoga challenge? Let me know in the comments below.

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