A Day Off the Crazy Insanity” (Day 25: Cardio Recovery)

6  apollo yoga 1-26While the Cardio Recovery is, as Shaun T says, “a day of the crazy Insanity”, it has its difficulties. I skipped the usual hold on the squat and the low lunge hold and pulse to spare my knees. This time I also had trouble with the quad strengtheners. My knees started to hurt holding myself up, so on each side about halfway through I put my knee down and did them that way. I usually keep my dogs out of the room for their safety but my husband was sleeping and I didn’t want our min pin scratching at the bedroom door, so I kept him with me. He stayed pretty quiet although during some of the poses that need to be held he got on my mat and looked up at me. He looked so cute I had to pause to get a picture.

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