“Get Fit or Get Out” (Day 2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit)

get fit or get out

Close-up of poster from picture inside the case.

Day two was the first day of the regular workouts, the Plyometric Cardio Circuit, although Shaun T introduced it simply as “Cardio Circuit”.  It was also the first time I ever noticed the “Get Fit or Get Out” banner hanging in the back of the gym. Personally I prefer the “Dig Deeper” motto and that Shaun T frequently reminds participants to “Keep Pushing,” but whatever works for people.

The workout began with a warm up and stretch. Shaun T stressed the importance of never skipping this part of the workout and said to remember, “stretching and warming up muscles prevents injury.” The warm up alone felt like a workout and consists of jogging, jumping jacks, Heisman’s, 1-2-3 Heisman’s, high knees, and butt kicks. The warm up was repeated three times with increasing speed.

After a brief break, we did some stretching and then we were into the workout. The first circuit was suicide drills, power squats, mountain climbers, and ski jumps. The circuit was repeated three times with breaks between. Then we did one circuit of switchfoots and football sprints. My first time through Insanity, I was on a carpeted floor, and the switchfoots were hard to do. They were much easier on the parquet floors we have now.

plyometric cardio circuitThe next circuit was basketball drills, level 1 drills, ski abs, and in and out abs. This was the circuit that was a struggle for me the first time, and was again. The level 1 drills require four pushups, floor sprints, and jumping up. Shaun T was usually on the sprints before I was done with the pushups. I started doing them on my knees to be able to keep up and occasionally stayed down instead of jumping up so I could finish the floor sprints.

The ski abs and in and out abs are one of my favorite parts and it doesn’t take long to feel them working, but they’re also very draining. I had to take a break a couple of times during them, but I didn’t feel too bad because there  were people in the class who had to as well.

The circuit was repeated thI had only eaten a cup of yogurt and banana a couple of hours before the workout, so I was starving afterward. The first time through Insanity I could never make myself eat right afterward (although usually I was having to do it late at night when I got off work). This time I had a fried egg and cheese sandwich, a banana, and another cup of yogurt. I had finished half a 1.5L bottle of water during the workout and drank some more while eating. I ended up being hungry within the next couple hours. I’m going to have to work on eating more often than I have been so I don’t lose too much weight and am not hungry all the time. On the upside, an increased appetite means increased opportunities to try new food.

Overall, I’m already feeling a lot better than I have been in a while and feel like I have more energy. The soreness has started to kick in a bit though. Just like the first time, I’m noticing it mostly after I sit for a long time and then walk around. But I don’t mind a little pain. It lets me know that my muscles are getting their strength back, and this time, I plan to keep them that way.

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