“I’m Smiling Because I’m Lovin’ This Recovery” (Day 46: Max Recovery)

max recoveryOn Day 46, I did the Bring It! Fitness Test, waited a little while, then did Max Recovery. I did not eat enough at lunch or waited too long between eating and exercising because I was very hungry during the workout. By Workout 2 with the one arm side holds, I had to stop after the second set because it was getting too hard to hold myself up.

Even with that, I still mostly agreed with Shaun T saying “I’m smiling because I’m lovin’ this recovery”. I was glad not to be cardio work on too little food, but I still got a workout and worked up a good sweat. The pulses in plei and high plank low plank were really hard by the end of each and I’m sure must have been working.

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