Insanity Recovery Week (Days 29 to 34)

core cardio & balanceBecause each day of Recovery Week was Core Cardio and Balance, I decided just to devote one post to the week with a brief daily summary.

Day 29
This was the first time doing Core Cardio and Balance, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I correctly assumed that if Cardio Recovery was any indication, Recovery Week would still be challenging. We started off with Switch Heel Kicks, Mummy Kicks, Football Shuffles, Over the Log, 8 High Knees/8 Power Jacks, and 8 Fast Feet/8 Hooks. Then we did the pre-workout stretch. The workout circuit consisted of: Moving Ski Hops, Hit the Floor, Level 1 Drill, the Heisman, 8 Switch Kicks/8 Hop Squats, High Jump, Moving Plank Walk, 8 Elbows/4 Suicide Drills, 4X4 Hops, Jab Switch Jump Squat, Hip Flexor Burners, Oblique and Knee Lifts, and Shoulder Burners in PliĆ©. I was doing the workout really late at night and didn’t want to wake my husband, so I skipped the High Jumps but did everything else. It was a little slower pace than I preferred but I’m sure it was needed and was still effective. The Hip Flexor and Shoulder Burners really lived up to their name and I had to take several short breaks. Then we did the cool down stretch.

Day 30
This day pretty much went the same as the one before it.

Day 31
I didn’t have to worry about noise this time so I tried the high jumps. There’s a ceiling fan in my workout room which made me nervous when I jumped, which affected the height I was comfortable jumping with my hands up. I finally got through the first two shoulder burners without having to drop my arms at all.

Day 32
I wore some track pants (the swishy kind) during the day and decided just to keep wearing them during my workout (I usually wear shorts or yoga pants). They rubbed together a lot and it was kind of annoying so I probably won’t wear those again. By this day I was getting pretty bored doing the same workout and I started fast forwarding through the instructional parts which shaved about five minutes off the workout. My husband had gotten hot dogs we had to use up so we had those for dinner–bad idea before a workout and didn’t help my performance. I was having an issue with the Level 1 Drills so I just did continuous modified pushups during that exercise.I also managed to trip during the Suicide Drills and hurt my wrist and ankle, fortunately not too bad.

Day 33
I really didn’t want to work out on this day. Because the hot dogs my husband had gotten had to get used up we had them this day as well which is just not great feel good to work out food. Then my USB drive with a lot of important stuff I planned to back up this weekend crashed randomly for not apparent reason which did not help improve my mood. But I did it anyhow again fast forwarding through the instruction. To continue the bad luck, I came down wrong during the Switch Kicks which hurt my ankle a little. I have officially hurt myself more this week than during the rest of Insanity. I continued the rest of the Kicks from standing rather than the little jump. I could only get 4 a set in that way but at least I didn’t hurt myself further. On the plus side it was the first time this week I did all the Level 1 Drills properly and I made it through all but the last few seconds of the third shoulder burner movement before dropping. Despite that the situation still remained that I didn’t know if I’d be able to find someone to recover my files I at least felt a little better after my workout.

Day 34
I usually try to keep my dogs out of the room when I work out but Apollo insisted on following me in and staying, so I let him for awhile. He actually cracked me up during a lot of it. He was doing a sort of kick with one of his legs during the Switch Kicks, little jumps while I was doing the Heisman, trying to walk under my arms while I was doing the Moving Plank Walk. In between he kept standing on the arm of the chair in the room and trying to reach for the water bottle cap on the end table. He was so cute I wish I had taken my camera in the room to get a few pictures but I didn’t. After awhile I did make him stay out of the room so I could finish. I managed to make it again to the last few seconds of the third set of shoulder burners before dropping. Overall it wasn’t a bad week, but I’m glad I’m past it and ready to move on the Month 2.

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