Investing in Fitness Starts with Insanity

I started Insanity for the first time on February 21st 2011 and finished the first three weeks without missing a scheduled day even when Tim (who is now my husband) was visiting in Florida or I was visiting him in Georgia. I was pretty proud of that progress. But once I started missing days it became too easy to skip, and I ended up stopping at the end of the first month. I started over briefly, but got sidetracked in the process of getting married and moving to Georgia. I felt awkward about exercising in front of our roommates, and we didn’t have room in our bedroom to exercise, so I decided to wait to try again until after we moved to Germany.

Moving was a huge process, and it  took a while to get settled. My athletic shoes ended up not getting in with our unaccompanied baggage, and we were still waiting on household goods. I’d already discovered when I visited Tim and forgot my athletic shoes that doing Insanity barefoot is a bad idea, so I decided to wait for my shoes to arrive.

In the mean time, I did yoga occasionally and walked frequently. Sometimes the walking was at length. For example, my husband and I walked all the way to the Aldstadt (Old Town) part of Heidelberg from the guesthouse in Patrick Henry Village (about 12 km) and then walked around the city for a few hours. Another time we walked up to the Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Walk), which entails hiking up a steep hill. But I didn’t have a proper, regular investment in fitness.

shoes and notebookOur household goods finally arrived a few days before Christmas, and I found and unpacked my shoes a few days later, so I decided January 1st would be an excellent time to start over. Since the 1st is a Sunday, and Insanity workouts are Monday through Friday, tomorrow’s post will cover what Insanity is and why I chose it as my first intensive workout program, and then I’ll get down to the work. I’m sure it will be rough, starting from being fairly inactive, but I know I can do it. They say the program isn’t for “beginners” but I know if I wait to get past being in that stage before I start, I won’t get there to get started. I wasn’t really in shape the first time and managed to at least make it through the first month, so I should be able to push through the pain.

The first time, I did keep a journal of my progress, but never put it online. I debated whether to leave it offline or integrate it somehow into this one. Using those posts in their entirety could get too long and repetitive, so I decided to integrate comparisons and contrasts between my first attempt and this time. Hopefully that doesn’t feel like an overload of information. If it does, please accept my apologies. The comparing and contrasting will cease after the first month when it will be an all new experience.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey. Please share your thoughts and own experiences in the comments. I look forward to investing in fitness and sharing it with you. Let’s start the Insanity!

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