Les Mills Combat Supreme Warrior Wrap-up

Les Mills Combat CaseAfter Week 7 of Les Mills Combat on the Supreme Warrior schedule, I had my rest day plus an extra one. To begin Week 8, I did Combat 60 Live, which is always intense but fun. Normally I work out in a sports bra and shorts, but since it was a cool day, I did the workout in yoga pants and a tank top. I should have stuck with my usual attire. About halfway through, I took off the tank top to work out in my sports bra but was stuck with the pants. I got pretty overheated. I made it through the workout without needing to change into shorts, but I’ll stick with shorts for that workout from now on.

I thought I had gotten through at least two more workouts in Week 8. However, I apparently didn’t take notes (or took them by hand and misplaced them), and of course I can’t seem to find the calendar on which I was marking off the days I had done. So, this will have to suffice as the conclusion of my experience with this program. I can’t remember why, but I took over a week after those few days. At that point, with only about a week left to finish the program, I figured my “end results” wouldn’t really be accurate if I picked up where I left off. However, while I have since done one-off Les Mills Combat workouts and enjoy them, a “do over” of the full program has yet to happen.

In retrospect, I should have just picked up where I left off as long as I was feeling fit enough to do those workouts, so I could say I finished even if it wasn’t “on time”. I might have had slightly less great results than I would have liked because that would have been better than doing what I did do, which was end up putting off consistently working out for far longer than I should have. On the plus side, at least I got in about 7 and a half weeks of workouts, which is more than I had before starting the program.

I am finding that even with programs I enjoy, like Les Mills Combat, I tend to get bored doing the same thing over and over, and I think that contributes to me not being motivated enough to finish them For awhile, in an effort to at least work out more if not follow a program, I just did whatever struck my fancy for the day.

Now, I’m doing Les Mills Pump. I’ve started my third week of that program and, while not bored, I have mixed up some of the days, figuring it’s better to do the next in line and go back than to take an extra rest day that might turn into two or more. Because the program recommends walks with some of the shorter workouts or on days where no workout is scheduled with the recommendation to replace the walk with another cardio workout if needed, I’m enjoying the flexibility to change things up, which I think is going to help me push through.

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