Les Mills Combat Week 6 Supreme Warrior

Les Mills Ultimate WarriorI’m back to share my experience with Week 6 of Les Mills Combat. You can read more about the program and why I did it here. Posts about previous weeks in the program can be found here.

If you haven’t yet tried this program and are interested in doing so, act soon. Les Mills and Beachbody are discontinuing their relationship, so supplies of Les Mills Combat are limited to stock on hand. The base program is currently 40% off and comes with free gloves, which I have found make punching easier.

At the beginning of Week 6, I took an extra day off because it was about 100 degrees all day and we have no AC. I was glad I did. Combat Live was intense and much more enjoyable on a slightly cooler day. This workout felt like it had a faster pace than Combat 60. Some of the capoeira based moves really worked the legs. I can see why they didn’t start using this one until 6 weeks into the program.

I skipped a day between workouts to get a paper done for class, but I got the next workout done the following day. I don’t have much to say about HIIT Power. It’s still not my favorite workout ever.

Combat 45 was fun. I even got in the jump side kicks that I usually skip and most of the jump knees that I usually modify.

HIIT Plyo is another workout that isn’t really my favorite. I was tempted to do Combat 60 Live instead, but then I realized then I’d have Plyo and Power on back to back days and that would kind of stink. So I did the ploy today. I still modified a lot but did some of the climbers and the hovers without modifying. It was a nice cloudy, cool day following a morning rain, which normally I wouldn’t look forward to, but it’s been so hot with no AC that I was glad for it. I kind of hope for rain or at least clouds tomorrow with 60 minutes to do.

I was glad for a cool day with a breeze doing Combat 60 Live once again. While I managed to do more of the knees and kicks in esquiva than I had the first time, it was still pretty difficult.

I took another day off and then did HIIT Power. I was glad the workout was only 30 minutes because I’ve started to get bored doing it Fortunately I only have to do it 4 more times.

If you’ve done Les Mills Combat, what is your favorite workout from the program? 



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