Les Mills Combat Week 7 Supreme Warrior


I’m back to share my experience with Week 7 of Les Mills Combat. You can read more about the program and why I did it here. Posts about previous weeks in the program can be found here.

I took a couple of days off because I was busy or lazy—I don’t remember which, but they often occur together—and then I didn’t feel well for a week. So, about a week and a half after Week 6, I started Week 7 with Combat 45. By this time, it felt good to finally work out again.

Unfortunately I jacked up my sleep schedule over the next few days and didn’t find time when I was both awake and with enough energy that I could jump around for a few more days. When I got to HIIT Power, it was 10 at night on the night when I did it, so I skipped all the jumping lunges and sumo jumps. This cut the workout time down significantly, but at least I got the workout in and didn’t upset the neighbors below (as far as I know).

A couple days later, I got to Combat 60 Live. I modified the scissors and switches but made it through the whole workout. Getting this workout in felt good. A couple days later, I got Plyo in and worked out in the morning after I’d stayed up all night. I’m not sure how I managed to stick it out, but I did. Combat 45 was the next day, and while I wasn’t feeling it part of the way through and was tempted to skip some, I didn’t, and I was glad I made it through the whole workout. I ended up not working out the next day, but the day after that I did Power HIIT in the afternoon. I’m glad I worked out then, because by the night I would not have felt up to it.

Obviously, when I say Week 7 here, I am referring specifically to the week’s worth of workouts since it took me longer than a week to get to and longer than a week to get through. Although in an ideal world I would have done them on schedule, I think it’s more important that they got done in the first place. Spreading a program week out over several extra days is better than skipping the whole week, after all.


What is your approach to following a workout program schedule, or do you prefer not to follow one?

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