Les Mills Combat Weeks 2 & 3: Supreme Warrior

extreme cardio fighterDid you do something to reach your fitness goals today? I did. Although I didn’t end up doing PiYo as I seem to have misplaced it, I did do Tony Horton’s Ho Ale Ke Kino, a yoga workout which I’ll tell you about in the future.

Today I want to return to a topic I had begun on before I dropped out of the blogosphere for awhile, my first experience with Les Mills Combat during which I did the Supreme warrior schedule. If you missed the initial posts, you can learn more about the program and why I did it here and about my first week of the program here. Although it’s in the past now, since I wrote the initial logs focusing on the present and posted the first week that way, that’s how they’ll be going forward.

Week 2

The workout order in Week 2 of Les Mills Combat was identical to Week 1. However, nothing really got “easier” because, once I knew more what I was doing, I was able to put more power behind my moves. Doing the plyo day after the first Combat 60 day was still challenging, and I still ended up doing some modifications. Over all, I am still really enjoyed the program. I like that there is a variety of workouts, but my favorite days are Combat 30 and Combat 60, with a bit of a leaning toward the Combat 60.

Week 3

I decided to take my waist at navel measurements before my workout on the first day and it was 31 inches, down two inches from when I measured it a couple days into the program. I don’t think that’s too bad a gain for a few weeks of work.

Combat 45

This was the first time doing Combat 45. It was a good variety of moves, and while I didn’t find myself getting exhausted, I did get very sweaty. I also liked the addition of the lunge cross which wasn’t in any of the other workouts that I recall. I really liked the cool-down on this day compared to other days. It’s on the ground and stretches several of the leg muscles and lasts for four minutes instead of the typical couple minutes of most of the workouts. One thing I have been noticing worth noting is the choreography being timed to the music. In one of the workouts (I think Combat 60) there’s a rising elbow and punching combo where you do a softer move and then the lyrics say “…just let it gooo” before you start doing the harder workout. In this one, there’s a back fist timed to “it’s a (bleeped word) arms race” where you know what part is supposed to go in the pause and they are emphasizing it with the backfirst.

HIIT Power

I used the 5 lb weights again and this workout was still a challenge. One of the trainers, Dan, says something in this workout that stuck out to me as a nice motivational fitness quote: “Diamonds are formed when you put pressure on them”.

Combat 30

This day fell on 4th of July, and while I ended up skipping festivities in favor of homework, I was happier to have 30 minutes ahead of me instead of 60. I noticed I’m starting to get v cuts, which is pretty cool. This workout isn’t getting any easier though because I’ve been putting more into the moves, so I started to get tired halfway through.


This is not my favorite workout, and the day it was assigned, I decided to skip it intending to do it the next day. Over the next couple days, I managed to throw my sleep schedule totally in reverse and didn’t think I’d have the energy. By the time I was on the morning of what would be the fourth day, I decided to just do it even though I had been up all night. I had to modify even more than usual, but I made it through and still broke a sweat, so it was worth doing.


I honestly didn’t realize I forgot to write about this day until a few days later and don’t really remember what I was thinking during or after it.


I ended up skipping four days between Combat 60 and this workout, the first couple due to not feeling well, and the last couple due to our 110V power blowing (although to be honest if I’d thought of it and been more motivated I could have used my computer to do the workout, but such is life). I finally did it and instantly regretted the time I had taken off. This workout was hard to get through. By the burpees, I opted out of the optional jumps and by the end with the hover plank, mountain climbers, and spider pushups, I did it all modified. I decided since I’d had four days off it would be silly to do the usual Rest Day the next day, so I skipped it in favor of going on to Week 4, which I’ll tell you about soon. Next time, in honor of Festival of Sleep Day I plan to make sleep a focus of the post.


Have you done Les Mills Combat? If so, what’s your favorite day?

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2 thoughts on “Les Mills Combat Weeks 2 & 3: Supreme Warrior

  1. I did Insanity for 34 days then got ill and had to start again after recovering a couple of weeks later. Happened again the second time too! It’s great you’ve kept going!

    • Aw bummer, but at least you started over. It took a couple tries for me to get all the way through Insanity as well, and that’s actually the only program I’ve done all the way through. I stopped short on Les Mills Combat and am just behind on posting about how far I did get. I later started over again with the Warrior Schedule but got sick before doing the last two weeks. I will probably give it another go sometime as I love it, but I neglected to workout most days while doing my practicum and the final paper for my master’s, so I’m going to do a month or so of whatever workout strikes my fancy for the day before trying to recommit to going all the way through a program. Best wishes for meeting your fitness goals in 2015. :)

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