My Workout Library

I have several home workout programs, some of which I’ve written about here and the rest which I hope to at some point. Although I have only followed the schedule all the way through on Insanity so far, I have tried most of them to various degrees and have plans to try the rest soon.

Brazil Butt Lift
Body Beast (I actually bought this for my husband, but if I try it, I’ll write about it)
Hip Hop Abs
Ho’ Ala Ke Kino
Insanity: The Asylum
Insanity Max: 30
Les Mills Combat
Les Mills Pump
PiYo (Deluxe Edition)
Rev Abs (only partial set as some of the discs didn’t work and I received a refund rather than replacement discs)
Rockin’ Body
Tai Cheng
Yoga Booty Ballet (Ab & Butt Makeover)

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