“It’s Not Cardio; It’s Control” (Day 4: Cardio Recovery)

cardio recoveryDon’t be falsely lulled by the word “recovery” in Cardio Recovery. Day four was a light day in comparison to the others with a shorter workout and slower movements. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it was easier. In fact, some of the moves were harder to hold due to the fact they were arrived at slowly and held for a long time. Unlike the other days, warm up wasn’t too intense and mostly consisting of stretching. There were only brief rest periods while he explained the next moves without any set water break, so I didn’t write down everything. I’ll just cover some of the highlights.

The workout started with plank work, then some more stretching. After that, we went into slow squats and some squat pulses. These started to be uncomfortable on my knees after a awhile. Then there were some lunge pulses, where you get into a lunge stretch and then bend the knee slowly. After a bit he added pulsing when the knee was lowered. I remember doing a move like this in karate class, but we had to put the knee near the ground and hold it. I was telling my husband about it the other day and how this exercise reminded me of that. He told me not to do that because it is bad for the knees. I did the lunges but held off on the low hold of the position and the pulsing.

After the lunges, it was back to the squats and pulses, but faster. Then we did lunges on the other side. This was followed by a plei stretch which Shaun T says helps stretch the groin to help with all the jumping in Insanity. The first time I did this workout I couldn’t hold the plei and did floor stretching. This time, I was able to hold it.

Then we did quad strengtheners which he said work the quad, glut, ab, and shoulder. This is one area where it’s obvious that recovery is still a workout. Of this exercise, Shaun T said, “It’s not cardio; it’s control”. After the quad strengtheners we did some oblique work.

While there are no set water breaks in the workout, I did drink water. But I needed much less than the other days, maybe 1/8 of the 1.5 liter bottle. I also did not sweat as much as during the first few days. I still felt like I did work, but it was a nice “break”, which I’m sure was needed because the next day would bring Pure Cardio.

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