“I’m Not Trying to Hurt You, Just Trying to Make You Better” (Day 13: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs)

Day 13 was another round of Pure Cardio and the first time it was paired with Cardio Abs. My husband and I had gone to Mannheim that day, so I did the workout at night and used a yoga mat to reduce noise. As usual, Pure Cardio was tough but nothing I couldn’t handle. I did skip everything but scissor runs which I skipped due to the mat. During the workout Shaun T said, “I’m not trying to hurt you, just trying to make you better.” He definitely is. In the last couple days my husband has noticed more definition in my triceps and I have noticed my calf muscles getting bigger.

After Pure Cardio, I was dripping sweat. Usually that would be a successful end to a workout, but I had to go in to Cardio Abs. This workout did utilize a yoga mat for part of it, but one doesn’t necessarily have to use one. I didn’t the first time I started Insanity as I was on carpet. If you’re not, I recommend it. The workout starts with a warmup which consists of jogging, high knees with the arms up, high knees with twisting, “jump rope”, and tuck jumps followed by a water break. Even though I was already “warmed up” from Pure Cardio I didn’t skip this because it was different movements all designed to work the abs.

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Be glad not to be doing these.

This was followed by wide tuck jumps. Then we got into the C-sit position and did twists, A-frame twists, A frame twists with the knee up, and holding the C-sit position. Then there was a break for water. During the water break Shaun T said “No sit ups or crunches. Be happy about that.” I actually don’t mind sit ups or crunches, but Shaun T’s workout seems more effective. I would have to do crunches for longer than I had to do Shaun T’s workout to feel like I got the same results.

After the break, we did single leg raises followed by a break. Then we did raises with both legs. This was followed by work in the high plank position alternating the knees, then doing it faster. Then we did low plank alternating knees. The final exercises was alternating pulses in low plank and high plank. This was followed by a brief set of cool down stretches mostly consisting of child’s pose, cobra, and some back and oblique stretches. Next time it will be time to find out how much I’ve improved in two weeks of Insanity with the second Fit Test.

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