Second Insanity Fit Test (Day 15)

dig deeper and fit testTwo weeks ago, I took the first Insanity Fit Test. My goal taking the second one on Day 15 was to do better than the first test, but also to do better than when I had taken the second test last year. I had both sets of numbers nearby for the test, but because the numbers from last year’s test were higher, those were the ones I used as my gauge.

Here’s how I did:

Switch Kicks–66 reps (132 kicks)
Power Jacks–46
Power Knees–67
Power Jumps–36
Globe Jumps–9 reps (36 jumps)
Suicide Jumps–16
Push Up Jacks–20
Low Plank Obliques–64

For the most part, I did better than last year’s attempt at this test. I got two more reps (4 more kicks) of the Switch Kicks, one more Power Jack, four more Power Jumps, two more of the Push Up Jacks, and four more Low Plank Obliques. On the Suicide Jumps my number remained the same. The Globe Jumps were the only disappointment with one less 1 rep (4 fewer jumps) than last year.

While this wasn’t as well as I wanted to do because I hoped I was doing much better this year than last year, I was happy that I still did much better than my first test this year. I got six more reps (12 more kicks) in the Switch Kicks, five more Power Jacks, five more Power Knees, 11 more Power Jumps, three more reps (12 more jumps) of the Globe Jumps, three more Suicide Jumps, five more Push Up Jacks, and 14 more Low Plank Obliques. Overall, I feel good that I’ve been improving and I look forward to the next test at the start of Week 5 (which will actually be in three weeks because they don’t label the Recovery Week with a number).

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