Staying Hydrated: 5 Tips to Help You Drink Enough Water Daily

Staying Hydrated: 5 Tips to Help You Drink Enough Water Daily on Investing in FitnessDo you drink enough water daily? The recommended daily amount of water for an individual to drink is about 3 liters, although you might need a bit more if you exercise. While you can get water in your food through fruits and vegetables, and even teas and coffee can count toward your water intake, most of your water intake should come from actual water.

Sometimes it may seem hard to drink the recommended amount, so today I’m sharing 5 tips to help you drink more water. These are all things I’ve done myself and that I’ve found helpful in getting me up to, and sometimes past, 3 liters of water a day.

1. Take ten gulps of water whenever you drink water before you put down your bottle or glass. I started doing this on the advice of Chris Powell from his book Choose to Lose, the only exception being that I take fewer sips during exercise, and have found it to be a helpful way to drink more water more quickly.

2. Drink from large water bottles. If drinking several glasses or small bottles of water a day sounds daunting, it might help to consider that your daily intake can be as small as two bottles, if you drink from 1.5 liter bottles. I have started doing this since we moved to Germany where I have seen them readily available. This cuts down on waste compared to smaller bottles and  is easier to carry than several bottles as well. If you live somewhere that tap water tastes good or have a good water filter, you could also carry a large, refillable water bottle.

3. Keep a water bottle next to you during the day and at night. If I have water next to me, I’m more likely to reach for it when I’m thirsty, feel a tickle in my throat, start coughing, etc. If I have it readily available and follow #1 above, I can get through a fair bit of water.

4. Add natural flavor to your water with fruit. Some people don’t like the taste of plain water. I used to be one of them. Even though I drink plain water most of the time now, I still prefer a flavored drink with a meal. Two options I’ve tried that you may like are to add fresh lemon and to add fresh cucumber. I’ve also heard of adding fresh orange slices and frozen berries, which I might try soon.

5. Drink carbonated water. If you’re one of those people who is used to drinking soda with meals, you might consider switching it out for carbonated water, which you can flavor as suggested above. This way you get the sensation of carbonation and some flavor to your beverage, without all the artificial sugar and calories.

I hope these 5 tips help you stay hydrated and get in the recommended daily water intake. If you like this article, please subscribe to get future updates and pass this post along via one of the sharing options below.

What do you do to help you get enough water, or what seems to be an obstacle for you in getting enough water? Please share in the comments below.

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