Investing in Fitness Blog Challenge 9-Day Recap

Investing in Fitness Blog Challenge RecapI’m currently participating in a 30 day blog challenge. Awhile back, I completed it for Embracing Adventure. I got 9 days in to my attempt on this blog, and then blogging fell by the wayside in the midst of school and other obligations. Rather than picking up where I left off, I decided to start over. Today I’ll share the first 8 posts of this attempt at the challenge and mention the posts I made during my first attempt. If you want to keep up with my posts throughout the challenge and beyond, please subscribe by email or RSS in the sidebar.

Day 1: Learn the Signs of Melanoma and Ways to Help Reduce Your Risk

I discussed the signs of melanoma, my experience with melanoma, ways to reduce your risk and increase your chances of early detection, and which sunscreens I’m trying this year. The first time, I wrote New Year, New You? Me too! Let’s Get Started with 5 Inspirational Quotes in which I shared inspirational quotes, my thoughts and experiences related to the quotes, and three questions for reflection.

Create Your Own Zumba workoutDay 2: Create Your Own Home Workout With Zumba Videos on YouTube

I shared my experience pulling together a YouTube Zumba workout for myself based on a suggestion made by The Fitnessista and included the songs I chose, which add up to about a 33 minute workout. The first time, I posted Les Mills Combat Weeks 2 & 3 Supreme Warrior in which I discussed my experience with that program.

Day 3: Are You at Risk for Malignant Melanoma?

I shared several factors that increase your risk for melanoma and how to screen your skin. The first time, I posted What is Sleep Debt and How Do We Pay It Back? in which I discussed the concept of sleep debt, possible consequences of having a sleep debt, and how to begin to pay it back.

Day 4: Les Mills Combat Week 6 Supreme Warrior

In this post, I share my experience with this program. The first time, I posted Trivia Day: 5 Fun Fit Facts that May Make You Want to Take a Walk.

Day 5: 5 Songs to Chase Your Worries Away

This post includes 5 songs with the message of “don’t worry”. The first time I shared 10 Sleep Hygiene Practices to Help You Sleep Better.

Day 6: Investing in Fitness by Dancing With ClubFitz Videos

I shared several of my favorite ClubFitz dance routines from their YouTube channel which make a 22 minute workout as well as some info about ClubFitz and how to sign up for their website. Last time I shared Fitness Tip Articles Not to Miss which were on the topics of pushups, foam rolling, measuring progress, workout gear, and killing germs in your home gym.

Day 7: Challenge Yourself to the ABC’s of Gratitude

I discussed something I do when I need to focus on being grateful: come up with something to be grateful about for each letter of the alphabet. I talked about why I do it and shared an example. The first time I posted Baths May Help You Sleep Better, Stress Less, & Relax More, which discussed ways baths may help in these areas.

Swan Creek, Philosophenweg, Japanischer Garten, Gartenshau

Some of the places I’ve walked

Day 8: 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Walk or Run

I shared 5 ways I have motivated myself to walk and/or run and my experience in using these ways. The first time I shared Les Mills Combat Weeks 4 & 5: Supreme Warrior, which discussed my experience with that workout program.

Day 9: Today is Day 9 for my second attempt. During the first attempt, I shared Staying Hydrated: 5 Tips to Help You Drink Enough Water Daily with ideas for how to increase your water intake.

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