Les Mills Combat Supreme Warrior Wrap-up

Les Mills Combat CaseAfter Week 7 of Les Mills Combat on the Supreme Warrior schedule, I had my rest day plus an extra one. To begin Week 8, I did Combat 60 Live, which is always intense but fun. Normally I work out in a sports bra and shorts, but since it was a cool day, I did the workout in yoga pants and a tank top. I should have stuck with my usual attire. About halfway through, I took off the tank top to work out in my sports bra but was stuck with the pants. I got pretty overheated. I made it through the workout without needing to change into shorts, but I’ll stick with shorts for that workout from now on.

I thought I had gotten through at least two more workouts in Week 8. However, I apparently didn’t take notes (or took them by hand and misplaced them), and of course I can’t seem to find the calendar on which I was marking off the days I had done. So, this will have to suffice as the conclusion of my experience with this program. I can’t remember why, but I took over a week after those few days. At that point, with only about a week left to finish the program, I figured my “end results” wouldn’t really be accurate if I picked up where I left off. However, while I have since done one-off Les Mills Combat workouts and enjoy them, a “do over” of the full program has yet to happen.

In retrospect, I should have just picked up where I left off as long as I was feeling fit enough to do those workouts, so I could say I finished even if it wasn’t “on time”. I might have had slightly less great results than I would have liked because that would have been better than doing what I did do, which was end up putting off consistently working out for far longer than I should have. On the plus side, at least I got in about 7 and a half weeks of workouts, which is more than I had before starting the program.

I am finding that even with programs I enjoy, like Les Mills Combat, I tend to get bored doing the same thing over and over, and I think that contributes to me not being motivated enough to finish them For awhile, in an effort to at least work out more if not follow a program, I just did whatever struck my fancy for the day.

Now, I’m doing Les Mills Pump. I’ve started my third week of that program and, while not bored, I have mixed up some of the days, figuring it’s better to do the next in line and go back than to take an extra rest day that might turn into two or more. Because the program recommends walks with some of the shorter workouts or on days where no workout is scheduled with the recommendation to replace the walk with another cardio workout if needed, I’m enjoying the flexibility to change things up, which I think is going to help me push through.

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Les Mills Combat Week 6 Supreme Warrior

Les Mills Ultimate WarriorI’m back to share my experience with Week 6 of Les Mills Combat. You can read more about the program and why I did it here. Posts about previous weeks in the program can be found here.

If you haven’t yet tried this program and are interested in doing so, act soon. Les Mills and Beachbody are discontinuing their relationship, so supplies of Les Mills Combat are limited to stock on hand. The base program is currently 40% off and comes with free gloves, which I have found make punching easier.

At the beginning of Week 6, I took an extra day off because it was about 100 degrees all day and we have no AC. I was glad I did. Combat Live was intense and much more enjoyable on a slightly cooler day. This workout felt like it had a faster pace than Combat 60. Some of the capoeira based moves really worked the legs. I can see why they didn’t start using this one until 6 weeks into the program.

I skipped a day between workouts to get a paper done for class, but I got the next workout done the following day. I don’t have much to say about HIIT Power. It’s still not my favorite workout ever.

Combat 45 was fun. I even got in the jump side kicks that I usually skip and most of the jump knees that I usually modify.

HIIT Plyo is another workout that isn’t really my favorite. I was tempted to do Combat 60 Live instead, but then I realized then I’d have Plyo and Power on back to back days and that would kind of stink. So I did the ploy today. I still modified a lot but did some of the climbers and the hovers without modifying. It was a nice cloudy, cool day following a morning rain, which normally I wouldn’t look forward to, but it’s been so hot with no AC that I was glad for it. I kind of hope for rain or at least clouds tomorrow with 60 minutes to do.

I was glad for a cool day with a breeze doing Combat 60 Live once again. While I managed to do more of the knees and kicks in esquiva than I had the first time, it was still pretty difficult.

I took another day off and then did HIIT Power. I was glad the workout was only 30 minutes because I’ve started to get bored doing it Fortunately I only have to do it 4 more times.

If you’ve done Les Mills Combat, what is your favorite workout from the program? 



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Les Mills Combat Weeks 2 & 3: Supreme Warrior

extreme cardio fighterDid you do something to reach your fitness goals today? I did. Although I didn’t end up doing PiYo as I seem to have misplaced it, I did do Tony Horton’s Ho Ale Ke Kino, a yoga workout which I’ll tell you about in the future.

Today I want to return to a topic I had begun on before I dropped out of the blogosphere for awhile, my first experience with Les Mills Combat during which I did the Supreme warrior schedule. If you missed the initial posts, you can learn more about the program and why I did it here and about my first week of the program here. Although it’s in the past now, since I wrote the initial logs focusing on the present and posted the first week that way, that’s how they’ll be going forward.

Week 2

The workout order in Week 2 of Les Mills Combat was identical to Week 1. However, nothing really got “easier” because, once I knew more what I was doing, I was able to put more power behind my moves. Doing the plyo day after the first Combat 60 day was still challenging, and I still ended up doing some modifications. Over all, I am still really enjoyed the program. I like that there is a variety of workouts, but my favorite days are Combat 30 and Combat 60, with a bit of a leaning toward the Combat 60.

Week 3

I decided to take my waist at navel measurements before my workout on the first day and it was 31 inches, down two inches from when I measured it a couple days into the program. I don’t think that’s too bad a gain for a few weeks of work.

Combat 45

This was the first time doing Combat 45. It was a good variety of moves, and while I didn’t find myself getting exhausted, I did get very sweaty. I also liked the addition of the lunge cross which wasn’t in any of the other workouts that I recall. I really liked the cool-down on this day compared to other days. It’s on the ground and stretches several of the leg muscles and lasts for four minutes instead of the typical couple minutes of most of the workouts. One thing I have been noticing worth noting is the choreography being timed to the music. In one of the workouts (I think Combat 60) there’s a rising elbow and punching combo where you do a softer move and then the lyrics say “…just let it gooo” before you start doing the harder workout. In this one, there’s a back fist timed to “it’s a (bleeped word) arms race” where you know what part is supposed to go in the pause and they are emphasizing it with the backfirst.

HIIT Power

I used the 5 lb weights again and this workout was still a challenge. One of the trainers, Dan, says something in this workout that stuck out to me as a nice motivational fitness quote: “Diamonds are formed when you put pressure on them”.

Combat 30

This day fell on 4th of July, and while I ended up skipping festivities in favor of homework, I was happier to have 30 minutes ahead of me instead of 60. I noticed I’m starting to get v cuts, which is pretty cool. This workout isn’t getting any easier though because I’ve been putting more into the moves, so I started to get tired halfway through.


This is not my favorite workout, and the day it was assigned, I decided to skip it intending to do it the next day. Over the next couple days, I managed to throw my sleep schedule totally in reverse and didn’t think I’d have the energy. By the time I was on the morning of what would be the fourth day, I decided to just do it even though I had been up all night. I had to modify even more than usual, but I made it through and still broke a sweat, so it was worth doing.


I honestly didn’t realize I forgot to write about this day until a few days later and don’t really remember what I was thinking during or after it.


I ended up skipping four days between Combat 60 and this workout, the first couple due to not feeling well, and the last couple due to our 110V power blowing (although to be honest if I’d thought of it and been more motivated I could have used my computer to do the workout, but such is life). I finally did it and instantly regretted the time I had taken off. This workout was hard to get through. By the burpees, I opted out of the optional jumps and by the end with the hover plank, mountain climbers, and spider pushups, I did it all modified. I decided since I’d had four days off it would be silly to do the usual Rest Day the next day, so I skipped it in favor of going on to Week 4, which I’ll tell you about soon. Next time, in honor of Festival of Sleep Day I plan to make sleep a focus of the post.


Have you done Les Mills Combat? If so, what’s your favorite day?

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My Fitness Product Wish List

Last time, I gave you some suggestions on fitness programs and equipment for gift giving (many under $20). Today I thought I’d share with you my own fitness product wish list. Since I just splurged on Tai Cheng and a Jump Mat during the Black Friday sale, I probably won’t be getting any of these soon, but ya never know. My habit of buying fitness programs when I haven’t finished the ones I have is nearly as bad as my habit of buying more books when I haven’t gotten through the ones I already have. Okay maybe not that bad yet, but still…Anyhow here are some things that might will probably soon end up in my fitness product collection.

I admit, it’s a little very hard for me to get into weight training. Cardio is my thing. But I loved Les Mills Combat (so much so I will probably take another crack at it after Asylum), which included a little bit of weight training in it. So I’m hoping I would also like Les Mills Pump. It comes with two five pound and two ten pound weights, so I’d be able to start off with a low weight and work my way up.

GET IT DONE: IN 25 MINUTES A DAY! I like Shaun T. I have his Insanity and Insanity: The Asylum programs (as well as Rockin’ Body, which is fun once in awhile but a little low intensity for me to stick with as a program). Both Insanity and Asylum are a little long, so the idea of getting a good, intense workout with the same trainer in about half the time with T25 is appealing to me.

I’m going through the 30 day Insanity: The Asylum Volume 1 and am liking it so far. Volume 2 is another 30 days. Although these workouts are no easier than Insanity, and in fact I think might be a little bit harder, the fact that they’re only 30 days makes the goal feel more within reach than with 60 and 90 day programs, so I think this would make a good program for me to do in between a couple longer ones.

I like cardio, and I like to dance, which are two of the main components of Brazil Butt Lift. And who doesn’t want a nice butt? I’ve also heard that Brazil Butt Lift is kind of deceptively difficult, so I want to try it sometime. It’s also a 60 day program (which might make it a good one to do between longer programs) and most of the workouts are only 30-35 minutes which means I’ll have no excuse not to be able to squeeze them in daily between class assignments.

I’d also like to try P90X3 which actually just came out today. As much as I like Tony Horton, I haven’t been able to stick with doing P90X the couple of times I’ve started it. P90X3 is 90 days like P90X, but the workouts are much shorter at just 30 minutes a day. Just a heads up, for those who might also be interested in this program, when you order through a coach (which I am) before 12/31/13, you’ll get free shipping (in the US and Canada) as well as a free P90X3 hat.

I don’t use a lot in the way of equipment and usually go for programs that either don’t require any or only require a few small pieces. But there are a couple things I’d like to get. One thing is a heart rate monitor. I like this one because it doesn’t require a chest strap. I will also want to get a new yoga mat soon. I tried using the one I have as a jump mat and pretty much tore it up. Fortunately, the Jump Mat I bought just came in yesterday so I’m excited to be able to use that to jump on instead (and also to do pushups because I was sliding around too much on our stupid parquet floor), but it’s a little too thick and heavy to bother with for yoga. Plus I discovered it’s made with natural rubber latex, which I’m sensitive to, so while I can jump on it, I don’t want to have my skin on it too much. I’m liking this mat because it’s made of PVC vinyl unlike the jump mat or other available yoga mat, and it’s a little longer than the other mat as well.

The Crafty Practitioner

This post was inspired by One Chocolate Box’s Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop prompt on Christmas wishlists and also fits with The Crafty Practitioner’s Must-Have Monday Link Up, so I hope it’s okay to post for both. If you’d like to join the Christmas Spectacular linkup challenge, check out the prompts and add your post’s link to Toni’s post for the relevant day. If you have some must-have items you’d like to post about, check out Must Have Monday. Don’t worry. Although Monday has passed, the link up will be open for a few more days.

Note: I am a BeachBody coach and make a commission on sales of BeachBody products. If you shop with me, thanks for your support!

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Gift Suggestions for All Ages & Fitness Levels

Shopping for a fitness buff, a friend or family member who has expressed an interest in exercising more in the New Year, or just want to give the gift of health and fitness to yourself or someone you care about? Today I want to share a few gift suggestions of BeachBody workout programs to fit various ages, fitness levels, and interests. I know funds can be tight this time of year, so I’ve included several ideas that are under $20. After the fitness programs, I’ll also recommend a few pieces of exercise equipment.

Workout Programs
You may know  Tony Horton from P90X (which has a sequel by the way), but did you know he also has a yoga program? Ho’ Ala ke Kino is a 30 minute yoga and stretching routine set on a beach in Hawaii, so it creates a relaxing atmosphere in addition to helping improve flexibility and coordination. And at $9.95, it’s a program that won’t break the budget. If you like 30 minute yoga routines, you might also be interested in Gillian Marloth Clark’s Yoga Booty Ballet: Pure and Simple Yoga, which is a 30 minute routine with three difficulty levels. That program sells for $19.95.



Many women wish to maintain fitness during pregnancy, but may not be sure what they can handle doing. Teigh McDonough created Yoga Booty Ballet: Baby on the Way during her pregnancy as a workout program for expectant mothers using cardio, light resistance, and stretching for just 30 minutes a day. See her letter to mothers-to-be here. Possible benefits to maintaining a regular fitness routine during pregnancy include reducing time spent in labor and relieving side effects like morning sickness, fatigue, and back aches. This program is $19.95.



Know someone wanting to improve their flexibility? Dr. Mark Cheng’s Tai Cheng is a low impact Tai Chi-based program designed to help improve well-being, mobility, and posture. You get 6 free gifts worth over $250, including a foam roller to help loosen tight muscles. You also get a bonus DVD: Tai Cheng’s Body Alignment for Better Living. Tai Cheng is $119.85 and has a 90 day money-back guarantee. Tony Horton also has a low-impact 30 minute program for those aged 55+. It’s $9.95, and a portion of the proceeds goes toward funding cancer research.



We all know it’s important for kids to exercise, but it can be hard to get them active, especially in the winter months. Shaun T has a solution to get them off the couch and on their feet called Fit Kids Club. It’s a program for kids 7+ with two 25 minute workouts that get them up, dancing, and having fun for just $19.95. Tony Horton also has a program for children (recommend for ages 5-12) called Tony and the Kids that lets kids stretch, hop, kick, and twist their way to fitness. It’s $9.95, and a portion of the proceeds supports the El Faro Orphanage.



Les Mills Combat, a mixed martial arts inspired workout program, is one of my personal favorites. It has three schedules with increasing levels of difficulty and 7 workouts for a nice variety. Plus you get a free bonus workout Les Mills Combat 30 Live. This program is $59.95 and comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee. Those who want to challenge themselves to the hardest Les Mills Combat level will need the Ultimate Warrior DVDs, sold separately for $29.95.



For those who want to push themselves to the limit, Insanity is another personal favorite. Shaun T encourages you to dig deeper with high intensity interval training. You also get a bonus Fast and Furious workout, the intensity of Insanity packed into 20 minutes. The rest of the workouts range from 30-65 minutes. Insanity is $119.85 and has a 60 day money-back guarantee. If this program seems too long, Shaun T also has a new program called T25 that takes just 25 minutes a day 5 days a week. It’s also $119.85 and has a 30 day money-back guarantee.



Exercise Equipment

Those who like Insanity, Insanity:The Asylum, Turbofire, P90X, or any workout that requires a lot of jumping might want a BeachBody Jump Mat to protect their knees, back, and ankles. This mat is made of 1/4 inch thick high-density foam and measures 71″ x 26″. It can be rolled up tightly for easy storage. It’s also slip resistant, which is helpful if you’re like me and have parquet floors that make it hard to get the most out of pushups. It’s $59.85. For those who just need a mat for yoga, BeachBody offers a thick, textured yoga mat measuring 24″ x 68″ for $29.95.



The P90X Chin-Up Bar can help develop and strengthen the shoulders, back, and arms. It has pro-grade close-grip handles with multiple grip positions and is made of heavy-gauge steel (max weight 300lbs). A sturdy doorway up to 32″ wide is required, and the border trim must be at least 5″ wide but no wider than 6.5″. This chin-up bar is used in P90X, P90X2 and Insanity:The Asylum. It can be purchased separately for $59.95 or as part of the P90X and Asylum deluxe kits (in the previous links). If you can’t use a chin-up bar, don’t fret; both P90X and Asylum show you how to do modifications with a resistance band. You can also use resistance bands in place of weights. BeachBody offers a range of B-Lines Band Kits for 15-30 lbs, 20-40 lbs, and 40-50 lbs.



Push-ups are part of a lot of programs, but they can be hard on the wrists. To help strengthen and sculpt while reducing strain on the wrists and forearm, Tony Horton developed PowerStands. They feature non-skid circular bases for stablity and foam grips to reduce hand strain. PowerStands are $39.90. BeachBody also sells a set of Push-Up Stands that allow for greater range of motion to increase the intensity of your workout while keeping your nose out of the carpet. They feature nonskid rubber feet for stablity and safety. The push-up stands are $19.95.



It’s a good idea to have a heart rate monitor so you can train in your optimal cardio zone. This Bowflex Strapless Heart Rate Monitor provides accurate ECG readings without requiring a chest strap, and getting a reading is as simple as pressing the touch sensors. It’s also water resistent so you don’t have to worry about sweating on it. Other special features include high and low target limits with an alarm, night vision, a stopwatch and countdown timer, and more. It is $74.85. There is also a version with a chest strap, which sells for $59.85.



Foam rollers can be used for a form of sports massage called self-myofascial release in order to reduce muscle and joint pain and enhance athletic performance. Now there are RumbleRollers which have uneven and raised nodules designed to give an even deeper tissue massage than regular foam rollers. Used regularly, they can help reduce muscle and joint pain for better mobility. They also have a built-in antimicrobial additive to help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. BeachBody sells two lengths of RumbleRollers, 12 inches ($49.95) and 31 inches ($69.90). For those who prefer traditional foam rollers there are ones in lengths of 18 inches ($19.95) and 31 inches ($29.95).


If none of these sound like the right program or equipment for you or the person you’re looking to buy a gift for, check out the rest of the shop for plenty of other ideas. If you need help picking something out, shoot me a message, and I’ll be happy to help you find a good fit for you or your gift recipient’s interests and fitness level as well as your budget.


This post was inspired by One Chocolate Box’s Christmas Spectacular Blog Hop prompt requesting posts on Christmas shopping, including gift guides. If you’d like to join the linkup challenge, check out the prompts and post your link on Toni’s post for whichever day you’ve written for. You can also enter to win $60. Thanks for checking out this post and for shopping with me if you do. Happy holidays!

Note: I am a BeachBody coach and make a commission on sales of BeachBody products. If you shop with me, thanks for your support!

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Insanity Before & After Photo & Ending Statistics

 photo 4afterinsanityback-1.jpgWhen I started this round of Insanity I wasn’t sure what to expect in physical results by the time I was done. I wasn’t trying or planning to lose weight (and in fact wouldn’t have minded gaining a couple pounds), but I did want to lose my love handles, or at least most of them, and get rid of the belly flab so I could work more on toning back up with P90X. While it’s not too easy to see in the pictures, I got muscle tone in my calves and quads as well as my shoulders, and a little in my biceps, and I lost a few inches.

My Ending Statistics:

Weight: 118
Pants: 3/4
Body Fat: 17.8%
Chest: 32 inches
Waist: 25 inches at narrowest, 27 inches at navel
Hips: 35 inches
Leg (thigh):20 inches
Arm (bicep):10 inches

How They Compare to the Starting Statistics:

I was actually weighed a couple weeks prior to ending Insanity and don’t own a scale so the weight could have fluctuated, but like I said my intent wasn’t to lose weight, and I’ll likely gain back those 2 pounds I lost and thensome in muscle with P90X.

My pants size at the start was 5-7 depending on brand and that’s still what I intend to wear most of the time. However, I had a pair of 3/4 jeans I’d planned to get rid of because I couldn’t wear them comfortably before Insanity. I put them on after Insanity while my others were in the wash and was able to wear them all day without discomfort, so I was pretty happy about that.

The Body Fat % measurement just proves that my husband was correct that the calculators aren’t necessarily an accurate reflection. It doesn’t seem like I could have lost the inches of ft and gained the muscle I did but increase from 16.1% to 17.8% body fat although both are low percentages that fall in the range for athletic females.

I didn’t plan to lose inches on my chest, but I guess it’s not a bad thing since that was circumference wise and therefore probably from fat anyhow. My waist at narrowest was 29 to start, so I lost 4 inches there. At navel it was 30, so I lost 3 inches there. My hips actually fluctuated a bit. At start they were 36 inches. When I measured during the Bring It! Fit test they’d gone up to 37 inches. After Insanity, they were down to 35 inches, two inches from the recent measurement but an inch from where I started. I am also down an inch on my arm and leg taken at the bicep and thigh respectively.

Overall I’m happy with the results, especially with the fact that I feel better and more in shape. I’m looking forward to seeing what results I’ll earn through the next program.

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“The Miracle Isn’t That I Finished…”(Day 63: The Final Fit Test)

dig deeper and fit testJohn Bingham has a quote, “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” In ways, I can agree with this, because so many people talk about doing things and never start them, let alone finish. At the same time, I started Insanity before. Starting is probably one of the hardest parts, but what brought me to the finish this time was continuing and not letting set backs hinder me. Whichever part is more the miracle, I’m proud that I finished this time and that I improved significantly from the first time in most of the exercises.

My results were:
Switch Kicks–41 reps (82 kicks)
Power Jacks–52
Power Knees–84
Power Jumps–40
Globe Jumps–10
Suicide Jumps–17
Push Up Jacks–33
Low Plank Obliques–65

I was slightly disappointed with the Switch Kicks because I took a bit of a slide back from the time before and only improved 1 rep (2 kicks) over my first test. However, my best Switch Kicks number was 6 reps (12 kicks) better than my first test. The other results were all an improvement. I had 11 more Power Jacks, 22 more Power Knees, 35 more Power Jumps, 4 more reps (16 more jumps) in Globe Jumps, 4 more Suicide Jumps, 18 more Push Up Jacks, and 15 more Low Plank Obliques. Overall, I’m proud of the improvement in my capabilities. Next time we’ll see the improvements physical results.

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Bring It! Part 4 The Meal Plan

bring itPart 4 of the Bring It! is the Meal Plan section, and it’s broken down into three parts: Cleanse, Nourish, and Supplement followed by Laws of Health and Fitness and Recipes. Although I read this section and learned some useful information, I didn’t follow it as a plan, so I didn’t track my experience with it. But I figured I’d at least share an overview of what’s in each section.


The cleansing part is designed to last for 30 days and you gradually eliminate caffeine, alcohol, sugar, processed, foods, gluten and animal products. Tony gives reasons why each  of these things could be a problem and what kind of foods are included. He recommends eliminating them for 30 days and then deciding which, if any, you want to add back in your diet. The rate at which you eliminate them depends on your level. Warriors eliminate caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and processed foods in week 1, gluten products in week 2, dairy in week 3, and other animal products in week 4.


Tony provides a list of the kinds of foods you should eat for 30 days (and hopefully beyond), their serving size and daily or weekly servings, and a list of some of the types of foods that fall into each category. He also gives an example of how to create a meal plan from these foods and includes some meals from the recipes in the back of the chapter as well as some other tips.



Tony talks about supplements including what they are, what they do, and the difference between supplements and drugs. He lists 11 supplements he takes and recommends including why you might need each and the effective dosages.

After these sections he goes through his laws of health and fitness: Variety is the Spice of Fitness, Consistency, Intensity, Purpose, Reality, Play, Plan, Sleep More and Stress Less, Love It, Flexibility, and Eat Well with explanations on what each mean and how following them can help. The final section includes recipes.

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Bring It! Parts 2 & 3: The Routines and The Moves

In bring it Bring It! Part 2, you learn which routines you’ll be doing based on what level you were gauged at during the Fitness Quotient. Those who are actually starting off at beginner level will get the most use out of this portion of the book because they’ll have three levels of workouts to go through. I was starting with the Warrior’s level so I just had the one. This level consists of two cardio phases, two resistance phases, and a yoga routine.

The moves are given in Part 3 and the idea is to familiarize yourself with the moves before doing them. Even though many of the moves are obvious what they are and you may have done them before, I recommend looking them all up. For example, what is listed here as “Runner’s stretch” is not what I have previously done by the same name but is more similar to the (what was the stretch name) in Insanity. The thing that frustrated me most about this was that the moves in Part 2 do not list what page you’ll find them on in Part 3. The index does, but this meant a lot of flipping just to find out what the moves were going to be. While this might not bother some people it was very frustrating for me and makes me appreciate having a DVD with someone showing me the required moves all the more.

My original intention was to do each of the workouts at least once, but I only ended up doing Warriors Cardio Phase I and Part of Warrior’s Resistance Phase  1 on the same day. While the Cardio workout was good and I did workup a sweat, it started to get repetitive as many things required 30 reps. For a lot of them I was only able to do about half before going on to the next. Because I was also planning to do the Resistance workout, I only did each circuit once rather than repeating the full workout. I did the cool down for the cardio workout and the specific warmup for Resistance but skipped the general warmup as I’d already done it.

The specific warmup in the Resistance phase was nice because my shoulders were sore, so the rolls helped. It turned out I wasn’t able to do a lot of the moves because I only have a single kettle bell and some required two weights. I did do the lawnmowers but the 15lb weight was too heavy for me to do 15 rep on each side, so I did 10. I was able to do the workouts that required the pull up bar or no equipment. Considering my lack of equipment for Resistance, lack of attention span for Cardio, and the fact I find it easier to be shown what I should do than read it I decided to skip doing the rest of the workouts from the book so I could move on to P90X. [Edit: I dabbled in that program but never did get far enough to justify posting about it.]

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“Let’s Get It!” (Day 62: Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs)

max cardio conditioning and cardio absDuring the Diamond Jumps in Max Cardio, Shaun T says, “Let’s get it!” That was my intention for the workout It would be my final time doing and Cardio Abs and the last workout day before the final fit test. It was a relief to finally be at the end, but I like that workout so I will kind of miss it. I will probably do it again on occasion. My favorite part was probably that I managed 80 power knees on the left side (which is the side used in the fit test) in 30 seconds, which is more than I had been making in the fit test in a minute. Ideally I wanted to keep up that pace so I would have 160 kicks in the test, but even as much as I got done during the workout would be an improvement.

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