It’s Not Too Late to Join the YogaGivesBackChallenge

YogaGivesBack yoga challenge

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I am a little late bringing you the YogaGivesBack Instagram challenge, but it’s not too late to join in the yoga fun and fundraising! Hosted by @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga and sponsored by @aloyoga, this challenge is also a charity fundraiser for @yogagivesback, a nonprofit focused on raising awareness and funds to alleviate poverty in India. You can read more about Yoga Gives Back here.

Participation in this yoga challenge costs nothing. Rather, @aloyoga and the hosts have committed to donating funds to @yogagivesback based on the number of posts hash tagged #yogagivesbackchallenge by the end of the month. At 50,000 photos, @aloyoga will donate $1000. At 100,000 they’ll donate $2500. At 150,000 the hosts will donate $2500 for a total of $5000. I’ve read that not only is it acceptable to start from the day you join but also to catch up on past poses as long as they’re in by the end of the month. I started at Day 10 and have also been working my way back through the previous poses. As I’m writing this post, there are 40, 885 posts in the challenge. Your own posts can make a difference and help you get into shape at the same time.

If you choose to participate you’ll be trying one pose daily from the Ashtanga method of yoga, which is a form of Vinyasa, or flow yoga. Sarah of The Foxy Post, and one of the hosts of the JunieBeYou challenge I’m also participating in describes Ashtanga in this post. Although some of these poses may look difficult, or it may seem hard to figure out what’s being done in them, the hosts each post videos on their Instagram accounts which you can follow to take the pose down a notch (or in some cases up a notch if you’re an advanced yogi).

Even if you think you can’t hold a pose for long, it’s worth trying them. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold Day 7’s crow pose, which I caught up on tonight, for long, if at all. I started with downward dog and walked myself into it based on this suggestion from Jenny at PopSugar Fitness. Because I set my camera on a tripod and had a 10 second timer with 5 continuous shots, I managed to capture the whole 2-ish seconds I managed to pull it off. You can follow along with my progress on this and other Instagram yoga challenges here.

day 7 YogaGivesBackChallenge crow pose

If you want to join in this challenge, repost the #YogaGivesBackChallenge from one of the host’s Instagram pages. Post a picture of you doing the daily pose (or a variation) with the hashtag #yogagivesbackchallenge. This month, @aloyoga is also donating $1 for all sales of their Sweat It Trunk to @yogagivesback. If you want to donate directly to Yoga Gives Back, you can do so here.


Are you participating in any yoga challenges this month? Let me know in the comments below.

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