Challenge Yourself to the ABC’s of Gratitude

ABC's of gratitude A few days ago, I heard that one can always “go to gratitude” as a “shortcut to serenity”. Yesterday I heard something else about the importance of gratitude. I was miserable due to having allergies and since I’d been reminded of gratitude twice recently, I decided to do something I’ve done before, an ABC’s of gratitude in which each letter of the alphabet stands for something I’m grateful for.

I like to do this sometimes because it is challenging and makes me deliberately focus on things to be grateful for that I might otherwise ignore. I started yesterday’s ABC’s of gratitude as I was laying down to sleep and managed to fall asleep before I got to the end. I decided to do another one today, which also happened to be a day in which I came across something about gratitude. I worked on this gratitude list throughout the day, jumping around the letters, and I finally finished as I was working on this post. Here’s what I came up with:

Todays’ ABC’s of Gratitude

Allergies being somewhat relieved compared to yesterday

Boardwalk Empire entertaining me while I clean

Calming lotion scents (today it’s eucalyptus tea)

Dogs who amuse me me and cuddle with me while we sleep

Energy following the three workouts I did today (Les Mills Pump‘s Pump Challenge and Hard Core Abs and Brazil Butt Lift‘s Cardio Axe)

Frutarre for making the mango frozen fruit bar I had for a snack

Germany and the chance to live and travel here (which you can read more about here)

Having a place to go that helps me connect to others and improve myself

Internet helping me keep in touch with people and to learn

Just Listening to You for a blog post that reminded me of a long-ago meditation retreat and a more recent trip to a barefoot park

Kindness shown to me and that I’ve seen shown to others

Les Mills Pump for helping me build muscle and get back in shape

Messenger on Facebook so I can talk to my husband while he’s away

New bras (that I will hopefully keep out of reach of my corgi this time)

Old bras turned into a dog toy awhile ago that my corgi still plays with

Playing with my dogs

Quiet time with no one running up the stairwells or slamming their doors

Reheated leftovers for lunch…always great to get two meals out of one dish

Someone who encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone

Tasty pulled pork I had for dinner

Underwear…not much else to say there

Veggies frozen but easily cooked (today I had harvest veggies in a garlic sauce mmm)

Water keeping me hydrated and helping me get clean and relax at the end of the day

Xtra Vitamin D that was added to my orange juice (Yeah I know that one is pushing it, but there aren’t that many words that begin with X).

Yogurt I had after dinner (the one I mentioned in this post; it’s still one of my favorite treats)

Zzz’s I got this morning sleeping in and am about to get tonight


I encourage you to challenge yourself to the ABC’s of gratitude. If you do so, feel free to share it in the comments below, or share a link to it if you want to post one on your blog.

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