Les Mills Combat Weeks 4 & 5: Supreme Warrior

combat 30 and 45Today I’m continuing my experience with my first time through Les Mills Combat, during which I did the Supreme Warrior schedule. If you’re new to this series, you can learn about the program and why I did it here, my first week of the program here, and weeks 2 & 3 here.

Week 4

Combat 60

I made the mistake of waiting too long after eating again (you’d think I’d learn). So that I wouldn’t completely drop out of the workout, I skipped the two exercises in the middle where the girls do one and the guys do the next one, which shaved about ten minutes off the workout.


I ended up skipping a day and then doing the plyo day. It’s not really my favorite day, but I got through it.
Combat 45

I did this a little further back from the tv than usual because I was trying to avoid the sun beating in the window (we recently moved, and I still needed to get curtains). That made it a little hard to get into some of the moves because I had to worry whether I was going to kick the table or garbage cans. But it was still a pretty good workout.

HIIT Power

As much as I feel like this workout is working, I also feel like I’m pretty weak. I used to use more weight working out with machines, but I’m still using 5 lb weights (in each hand) for this workout and still getting smoked.

Combat 60

Unlike the last time, I managed to get through the whole workout without skipping any.


I wasn’t super looking forward to this workout, but I did it and got a good workout.


Week 5

This week is all cardio with no ploy and no power, so I was excited because I love cardio. The first day was combat 30. I think this is the best I’ve done in the Combat 30 workout, and noticed I was able to put more power behind the punches. The next workouts were Combat 45 followed by Combat 60. Then the sequence repeated. I don’t have a lot to say about the rest of the week except that I really enjoyed just being able to do cardio for a change. Even though I have gotten used to the workouts, I’m still getting a good workout because I can put more behind the moves each time.


Have you done Les Mills Combat or do you think you might be interested in doing it? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Les Mills Combat: What It Is & Why I Did It

LES MILLS COMBAT. Work out like a warrior. Get shredded in 60 days.

What It Is

Les Mills Combat is a Mixed-Martial Arts inspired workout program based on Les Mills’ Bodycombat. It utilizes moves from Boxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Capoeira, and Jiu Jitsu. The program is 60 days, and there are three different levels. With the base kit, you can do Les Mills Combat Warrior, which has two days of rest for most of the program and builds up in intensity, or the Supreme Warrior Workout, which has one day of rest a week and is intense throughout.

There is also a third version, the Ultimate Warrior Hybrid Calendar, which adds in workouts from the Ultimate Warrior Package. You can either buy an Ultimate Package up front or, if you start with the base kit, you can add an upgrade later. If you know you want to do the Ultimate to begin with, then I would start with the package as it does save a few dollars off buying them separately. At the time, I just had the base kit, so I chose to do the Supreme Warrior Workout.

Why I Did It

After completing Insanity, I dabbled in various programs (P90X, Rockin’ Body, Turbofire), but I didn’t follow any of them through the full program. I was working full time, going to grad school, and was sick a good deal of the time because I seemed to catch everything that went around the daycare I was working in. All excuses, I know, but there you have it. After leaving my job due to a move, I decided it was finally time to start and stick to a program again. I picked Les Mills Combat for a few reasons:

It’s only 60 days
I figured it would be better to start and complete a program of this length instead of trying to shoot for a 90 day program when I’d been away from working out intensely for so long. I also like that there were multiple options for the workout. The first couples of the Combat Warrior and Supreme Warrior workouts are the same, so you can take a couple days to decide which track you want to follow.

It requires minimal equipment

The only workout that requires equipment is HIIT power which requires weights of your choosing, and there’s another one where weights are used briefly but are optional. Training gloves come with the Supreme and Ultimate packages or can be purchased separately, but they aren’t required. When you’ve just moved into a new place and there are boxes all over, the less space you need and equipment you need to get out, the better. Plus I knew if we decided to travel anywhere, I wouldn’t have any excuse not to do my workout as long as I had something with which to play the DVD and a few feet to move around in (and a small set of weights if we went somewhere one a power day)

It’s martial arts related
I did Okinawan Shuri-ryū when I was younger, but stopped after I got my black belt. I had wanted to get back into martial arts of some kind for awhile, but I ended up moving three times in two years and never found a discipline I was interested in that was conveniently located. I figured Les Mills Combat would give me a taste of the martial arts training I was missing in the mean time.

It’s cardio-based
I realized while briefly going through P90X that I look forward more to cardio workouts than weight training, and I much preferred Insanity. If I were going to try P90X again I think I’d have to do it as a hybrid with Insanity. Les Mills Combat is appealing because while it does have a little bit of a weight component, as mentioned, it’s not the main part of the program. It’s mostly cardio, and that works better for me.

So those are just a few of the reasons I chose Les Mills Combat. Over the next few weeks, I’ll recap my experience with a post for each week. Although I originally started it intending to do  the full program I ended up taking a chunk of time off before finishing the last two weeks and I decided that rather than do a before/after with that I would just do it over at some point, but I still want to post about the weeks I did get through. I’m currently working on getting through the Ultimate Warrior Schedule and I’ll tell you about that in the future.

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