“Dig Deeper. That’s What It’s About” (Day 58: Cardio Abs & Max Cardio Circuit)

max cardio conditioning and cardio absMax Cardio Circuit comes before Cardio Abs on the calendar, but when I put the DVD in, it started up with Cardio Abs, so I decided to do it first. So I wouldn’t have to mess with putting the mat away, I didn’t use it. It made some of the seated moves slightly uncomfortable but wasn’t too bad. The last couple exercises were a little easier to get through than they are when the workout comes after Max Cardio.

When I started Max Cardio, it seemed easier than usual at first, perhaps because I’d already had a bit of a warmup. However, my abs kind of hurt as I went on and I think I should have stuck with the original order. During the workout, Shaun T says, “Dig deeper. That’s what it’s about.” I have definitely had to do so. My legs, especially my knees, have felt more tired recently. I’m not sure what’s causing it but I’ve just tried to push through it.

While it’s easy to ignore some things when you’ve seen a video several times, I noticed again and appreciate in Max Interval Circuit that Shaun T tells you why you’re doing the things you’re doing. For example, Diamond Jumps work the legs, abs, and shoulders. The Attack works the triceps, abs, and quads. Over the River Hops work the calf, quads, and abs. It’s nice to know even some of the ‘easier’ moves are doing something for me.

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