“That’s a Workout For Ya Right There” (Day 53: Max Recovery)

max recoveryI hadn’t really looked forward to Max Recovery on Day 53 as much as I thought I would the day before. Plus, I hadn’t eaten close enough to workout out so I was starving with 23 minutes left.  After the leg pulses, Shaun T says “That’s a  workout for ya right there.” It doesn’t seem like it would be much at the start but my legs always shake by the end as do the girl’s he focuses on in the video. I did better in this Max Recovery’s one arm balance holders than I had before but I struggled to get in all the low plank high planks at the end.  I didn’t feel too bad though because the guy he focuses on doesn’t make it through all of them either. Much as I kind of hadn’t wanted to do the workout when I started, I was glad I did it by the end.

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“I’m Smiling Because I’m Lovin’ This Recovery” (Day 46: Max Recovery)

max recoveryOn Day 46, I did the Bring It! Fitness Test, waited a little while, then did Max Recovery. I did not eat enough at lunch or waited too long between eating and exercising because I was very hungry during the workout. By Workout 2 with the one arm side holds, I had to stop after the second set because it was getting too hard to hold myself up.

Even with that, I still mostly agreed with Shaun T saying “I’m smiling because I’m lovin’ this recovery”. I was glad not to be cardio work on too little food, but I still got a workout and worked up a good sweat. The pulses in plei and high plank low plank were really hard by the end of each and I’m sure must have been working.

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Getting Back Into It (Day 39: Max Recovery)

max recoveryAfter a few days off, I picked up where I left off with Max Recovery. It was nice to “ease” back into the workouts, in so far as Shaun T’s version of “recovery” is easier than the other days. Like the Cardio Recovery of Month 1 the warmup is more stretching than anything. This one involved a lot of lunging, contract and relax, and hip flexor stretches.

Workout 1 started off with more stretching moves then plank work with bringing the knees up in increasing repetitions. Then we went into slow pushups which was nice for practice. We did stretches with butt lifters and more stretching.

Workout 2 includes some work in high plank including one arm balance holders with pushups between which was a little hard to hold. The low plank work was similar to the work in Cardio Abs. I guess I was not as well as I thought as I threw up a little before the last set of low plank obliques. I still had 20 minutes left and felt okay otherwise so I paused, got some water, and got back into it.

Workout 3 started with hip openers in plié and pulses with increasing repetitions. Then we lifted the ankle up on each side and then on both sides, still doing pulses. It really started to burn, and by the time I had both ankles up my legs were even shaking.

Workout 4 was a high plank low plank exercise like the one in Cardio Abs. Shaun T said it works the shoulders, biceps, and triceps and I could definitely feel it working.

Workout 5 is oblique/knee work similar to Cardio Abs but longer and also moving the arm and kicking the leg up to work the shoulder and abs. Then we did a cool down stretch. Overall it was a good workout day and I’m glad I was doing Max Recovery rather than jumping into the Max Interval Circuit scheduled for the following day.

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