Insanity Before & After Photo & Ending Statistics

 photo 4afterinsanityback-1.jpgWhen I started this round of Insanity I wasn’t sure what to expect in physical results by the time I was done. I wasn’t trying or planning to lose weight (and in fact wouldn’t have minded gaining a couple pounds), but I did want to lose my love handles, or at least most of them, and get rid of the belly flab so I could work more on toning back up with P90X. While it’s not too easy to see in the pictures, I got muscle tone in my calves and quads as well as my shoulders, and a little in my biceps, and I lost a few inches.

My Ending Statistics:

Weight: 118
Pants: 3/4
Body Fat: 17.8%
Chest: 32 inches
Waist: 25 inches at narrowest, 27 inches at navel
Hips: 35 inches
Leg (thigh):20 inches
Arm (bicep):10 inches

How They Compare to the Starting Statistics:

I was actually weighed a couple weeks prior to ending Insanity and don’t own a scale so the weight could have fluctuated, but like I said my intent wasn’t to lose weight, and I’ll likely gain back those 2 pounds I lost and thensome in muscle with P90X.

My pants size at the start was 5-7 depending on brand and that’s still what I intend to wear most of the time. However, I had a pair of 3/4 jeans I’d planned to get rid of because I couldn’t wear them comfortably before Insanity. I put them on after Insanity while my others were in the wash and was able to wear them all day without discomfort, so I was pretty happy about that.

The Body Fat % measurement just proves that my husband was correct that the calculators aren’t necessarily an accurate reflection. It doesn’t seem like I could have lost the inches of ft and gained the muscle I did but increase from 16.1% to 17.8% body fat although both are low percentages that fall in the range for athletic females.

I didn’t plan to lose inches on my chest, but I guess it’s not a bad thing since that was circumference wise and therefore probably from fat anyhow. My waist at narrowest was 29 to start, so I lost 4 inches there. At navel it was 30, so I lost 3 inches there. My hips actually fluctuated a bit. At start they were 36 inches. When I measured during the Bring It! Fit test they’d gone up to 37 inches. After Insanity, they were down to 35 inches, two inches from the recent measurement but an inch from where I started. I am also down an inch on my arm and leg taken at the bicep and thigh respectively.

Overall I’m happy with the results, especially with the fact that I feel better and more in shape. I’m looking forward to seeing what results I’ll earn through the next program.

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Insanity Starting Statistics


Common body measurements

Since Sundays are off days for Insanity, I decided to write about other related topics in place of writing about them. I thought a good place to start would be something I left off my post about the first day, my starting statistics. Taking measurements was something I didn’t do for my first Insanity attempt, and I wanted to this time. Besides, documentation of the before and after of certain measurements is required on the application for the free Insanity t-shirt.

While I took my measurements the day before starting the Fit Test, I did them according to some instructions I had found online. Before my workout on day three, I was on the Team Beachbody forum and found a post that includes a video of the methods Beachbody prefers for taking measurements so everyone is consistent. Some of these methods, like those for chest, hip, and thigh, gave me slightly different numbers than my original methods, so some of the results are from day three instead. Due to the fact the calculators from which I derived my body fat number used some of those measurements, I recalculated that as well.

The required statistics and my results were:

Weight: 120 lbs

Size (pants): 5-7

Body Fat: 16.1%

Chest (in): 34

Waist (in): 29 (They didn’t specify so I used at narrowest)

Hips (in): 36

Leg (thigh) (in): 21

Arm (bicep) (in): 11

About Body Fat Percentage:

Body Fat Percentage

A bit about body fat %

I used several different body fat percentage calculators to try to get a good estimate. Even when calculators asked for the some of the same statistics, the results varied widely from 2% to 28%. The most common method of calculating cited was the U.S. Navy’s formula, but even those results were varied. Of my sample, I found two calculators that provided similar numbers, and I took the average of those to get the number I used. The calculators I used were at and

As I was plugging my numbers into these calculators my husband told me I shouldn’t even worry about it. I wouldn’t try to find a location on a map with random pinpoints so I shouldn’t trust body fat percentage calculators for my body fat. He said a water displacement test is the only really accurate method for calculating body fat percentage. Apparently we actually have one of the machines for the test at the clinic on post, and I can make an appointment to have a water displacement test and fitness test done. I know I am not overweight so I am not too concerned. I was just looking for an estimate to have something to track, but maybe one of these days I’ll do that to see where I’m at.

I’ve heard it said that you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Now that I have before pictures, and numbers for where I started, I’m interested to see how things will compare at the end of the program.

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