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Yogi Says Challenge

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Tomorrow (June 11th) begins the #BecauseYogiSays yoga challenge on Instagram, which is like Simon Says, but for yoga. Each day through June 20th, the hosts @momwhatsfordinner, @lydiamakokha, and @rackerman722 present a different “yogi says” challenge. For those who like to plan ahead, each day’s “Yogi says” is printed on the image.

Each “Yogi says…” is open-ended, so participates can, and are encouraged to, use their own creativity in choosing an asana. This also allows for flexibility, so beginning and advanced yogis can have fun. There are ten sponsors (see image) and there will be ten prizes awarded. Host @momwhatsfordinner says that they only ask two things “express yourself” and “have fun”. Sounds simple enough.

If you’d like to join the #BecauseYogiSays challenge, make sure your account is public during the challenge. Repost the image above from one the sponsor’s Instagram accounts and tag two friends in the image whom you think might like to join you. Follow all of the hosts and all of the sponsors. Post your daily “Yogi says” pose using the hashtag #BecauseYogiSays. Enjoy! Starting tomorrow you’ll be able to follow along with my participation on Instagram.

If you’re wanting to participate in another yoga challenge or need a challenge that’s more directive, check out the JunieBeYou challenge and the JuneOYourChakras challenge. I’m participating in both of these and having fun so far. There is one more challenge I’ve found and started participating in, for which sponsors and hosts are going to donate funds to help the poor in India. Although it’s already in progress, I read today that it’s okay to start from the current day and to catch up if you want to. Stay tuned tomorrow for more info on that. If you haven’t already, consider subscribing by email so you don’t miss that or future posts.


Will you be participating in #BecauseYogiSays? Let me know in the comments below.

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