“That S*** Was Bananas Yo” (Day 5: Pure Cardio)

pure cardio & cardio absThe fifth day was the most intensive, consisting entirely of cardio without any set breaks during the main workout. The warmup was the same as the one in the Plyometric Cardio Circuit except the order of butt kicks and high knees was reversed. This time, Shaun T gave some of the reasons for the exercises. He pointed out that butt kicks are a drill for speed and that if one wants to get faster on a track or court, doing them will help. The high knees are for power. Those were two things we always did in track and cross country, and now I know why.

As usual, the warm up circuit was repeated three times with increasing speed. By the second time, Shaun T said, “You’re probably breathing hard already.” Of course I was. After the warmup, we went through the usual stretching, then it was in to the workout. During the last stretch, Shaun T said, “I have to be honest right now. I’m actually really nervous for this workout.” When the instructor is saying that, you know you’re in for some hard work.

The full circuit was as follows with one minute for each exercise: suicide drills, switch kicks, wide football sprints, stance jacks, the pedal (lunge on each side then sprint), hooks and jump rope, power jacks, level 2 drills (8 push ups then floor sprints), frog jumps, power knees, mountain climbers, ski down, scissor runs, suicide jumps, and push up jacks.

While there were no water breaks during the entire circuit, Shaun T said during part of it, “It’s okay to stop and grab some water.” I drank several times, probably too much. I didn’t feel too bad because several people in the class fell out. Some he even told to go sit down and grab water. If it tells you how much work the day is, Shaun T says toward the end, “I’m so tired I can’t even remember the names of my moves.”

Shaun T didn’t explain the purpose of most of the moves, but he did say that frog jumps work the abs and scissor runs were to provide “a slight, small recovery”. I believe it was during the power jacks that he said, “Cardio: the best thing that’s gonna shape your body.” If that’s the case then Insanity should help because all of the workouts in the first month besides the Cardio Recovery consist of some kind of cardio.


I’m working on them.

Overall, I didn’t have a problem completing most of the circuit but the pushups were a challenge again. When I told my husband about not being able to do all of the push ups in time the last time, he suggested pausing the video so I get the full workout. While that is a hassle during some exercises, I did hit pause at the beginning of each Level 2 drill to do the push ups, then unpaused and got back in position o do the floor sprints. I managed regular push ups the first two times and then had to do modified ones for the last two. He maintains that isn’t cheating to have to do them modified, but I will still be glad when I don’t have to do that.

At the end of the workout, Shaun T said “That s*** was bananas yo.” That’s an accurate way to sum up it up. We wound down from the craziness with stretching. The first time, my abs had quivered during the contract and relax, and that didn’t happen this time. Overall, it feels like the first run through of the DVDs went better this time than my original first time. Day six will be a repeat of the Plyometric Cardio Circuit, and Week 1 will be complete.

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