“That’s a Workout For Ya Right There” (Day 53: Max Recovery)

max recoveryI hadn’t really looked forward to Max Recovery on Day 53 as much as I thought I would the day before. Plus, I hadn’t eaten close enough to workout out so I was starving with 23 minutes left.  After the leg pulses, Shaun T says “That’s a  workout for ya right there.” It doesn’t seem like it would be much at the start but my legs always shake by the end as do the girl’s he focuses on in the video. I did better in this Max Recovery’s one arm balance holders than I had before but I struggled to get in all the low plank high planks at the end.  I didn’t feel too bad though because the guy he focuses on doesn’t make it through all of them either. Much as I kind of hadn’t wanted to do the workout when I started, I was glad I did it by the end.

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