The First Insanity Fit Test (Day 1)

BeforeJanuary 2nd 2011 was the first day of my new attempt at Insanity, and that means it was time to take the Fit Test. Before beginning, I had my husband take my before pictures. I didn’t check them til later that night, so I didn’t know they weren’t the “head to toe” full body shots required on the application form for the free Insanity t-shirt. Since the first pictures have to be dated before beginning the program, I can’t take news ones now that I’ve started. They may not accept the ones I have, but I plan to still try.

I re-watched the “Dig Deeper” clip before the Fit Test, where Shaun T talks about the program. He explains the variety of workouts involved including cardio, plyometrics, stretching, ab work, and sports training. Shaun T demonstrates the proper performance of some of the moves in the program including squats, jumps, the plank position, and the C-sit and stresses the importance of never sacrificing form. He also explains interval training and how his program flips traditional intervals so that you’re doing three minutes as hard as you can go then 30 seconds of rest. He says that the intervals “are intense but they give you insane results.” That’s the goal.

The Fit Test consists of a warm up and eight different exercises. If you have Insanity, you will find pictures of each of the exercises on the calendar and the Fit Test card. If you don’t have those or want an extra copy to track your tests, you can download the worksheet free. I started the Fit Test with my previous results next to the paper I would write the new results on. My plan was to try to at least meet and hopefully at least marginally exceed the results of the first time.

1 water bottleTaking the test was as hard as I remember it being. I was out of breath and my heart was pounding for much of it. I needed every second of the rest period, and in some cases a few extra seconds. I also drank a lot of water. By the time I finished the test, I had downed half of a 1.5L bottle.

My end results were:
Switch Kicks–40 reps (80 kicks)
Power Jacks–41
Power Knees–62
Power Jumps–25
Globe Jumps–6 reps (24 jumps)
Suicide Jumps–13
Push-Up Jacks–15
Low Plank Obliques–50

How did this compare to my first time? I did four more reps (eight more kicks) of the Switch Kicks, one more Power Jack, two more Power Knees, the same amount of Power Jumps, three less reps (12 less jumps) of the Globe Jumps, one more Suicide Jump, three more Push-Up Jacks and, two more Low Plank Obliques. Overall, I was happy that at least I hadn’t fallen too far back out of shape and did slightly better on most of the exercises. Of course the numbers are still much lower than where I was at the time of my first attempt at the second Fit Test, but I have numbers to work up to, and hopefully also exceed.

In addition to comparing my performance to my own past scores, I also compared myself to Chris and Tania, the two people who demonstrate the Fit Test. Chris said that he did 80 kicks his first time. If he is actually counting kicks rather than the reps in the instructions, then I got as many as he did. I was also where Chris started for my Power Knees, and had one rep less than he started at on the Globe Jumps. For the Low Plank Obliques I did more than Chris had in either test, and more than Tania had her first time. Overall, I don’t think it was bad to be able to positively compare half of the test exercises considering that Shaun says that if you can beat them “you know you have it in the pocket.”

After the test, I was exhausted, but once the tiredness wore off, I actually had more energy than earlier in the day and was already feeling better than I had in awhile. I look forward to Day 2 which starts the regular workouts, the first of which is the Plyometric Cardio Circuit.

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