“This is Max Interval Circuit, and It’s Gonna Kick Your Butt” (Day 40: Max Interval Circuit)

max interval circuit and fit testShaun T introduces the Max Interval Circuit with the announcement, “This is Max Interval Circuit, and it’s gonna kick your butt,” and that’s not inaccurate. Insanity warmups are always a little tiring, but I was very out of breath this time. By the time we went through the second set of the first interval, I was already feeling weak. By the third set of the second interval with the hook jumps, I skipped jumping about every other time.

When we got to side suicide jumps I was going pretty slow. Shaun T even recommended doing this though if you’re not up to the point of doing it quickly. Before the last set he said, “You’re probably completely exhausted right now,” and I definitely was. My arms were rubber by the last set of plank punches but I pushed through. Doing them made me think of the picture at the beginning. Despite that I was pretty tired  I was sweating so much my wedding ring started slipping so I know I got in a good workout.

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