“We’re Going Crazy. We’re Gonna Get Insane Again” (Day 43: Max Cardio Conditioning)

max cardio conditioning and cardio absI slept off and on the night before Day 43. After only a few hours of sleep we went to a Fasching parade in Mainz. I decided not to drink at the parade so I could work out when we got home. I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep or germs all over public transportation or both but when we got ┬áhome I had a sore thoart, chills, and stuffy nose. I decided to do Max Cardio Conditioning anyhow. It was a little hard to keep pace but I chugged a lot of water throughout and made sure I did at least did a few more of each exercise beyond when I wanted to take a break. The downside is that there aren’t many breaks and some “breaks” are just slower movements. During the Over the River Hops, Shaun T says to enjoy them because in thirty seconds, “We’re going crazy. We’re gonna get insane again.” The upside to this workout is that it’s only about 45 minutes and once an exercise is done it’s on the the next with no repeating. Even though it can be a harder workout, it makes the time seem to go a little faster. Overall I think I made a good choice in doing the workout. Alcohol could have helped weaken my immune system so what was coming on would stick; exercising helped give me a boost and make me feel better.

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