“We’re Gonna Rock It Today”(Day 57: Max Interval Plyo)

Day 57’s Max Interval Plyo is the first day of the last week of Insanity and in the beginning Shaun T says “We’re gonna rock it today.” While I usually like this workout, I had to force myself to do it. I should probably go back to working out earlier in the day because the longer I wait the harder it is to talk myself into it, but I got it done.

At the end of the workout, Shaun T says “I’m sure today you did better than you did last week.” I definitely did. I was finally able to do the Power Push Up, albeit slowly. I also finally did the level 3 drills through all three sets. I also got some of the side push ups in but they were still a struggle. After I finished Max Interval Circuit, someone in my challenge group posted a video to inspire everyone. I decided to put it on and see how many chin ups I could do during it. I got through 12. While I did take breaks between some of them it was more than I’ve gotten in one attempt previously. I’ll include the video below in case anyone would like to use it to push themselves a bit further also.

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