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The YogaGivesBackChallenge was a 30-day yoga challenge on Instagram. It was also a charity challenge in which the number of images hashtagged #yogagivesbackchallenge by the end of the challenge determined the donation amount from one of the sponsors (@aloyoga) to the other (@yogagivesback, a nonprofit focused on raising awareness and funds to alleviate poverty in India). There was also a possibility of a donation from the hosts @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga.

According to Kino, there were over 91,000 posts by the end of the challenge, which met the goal for Alo Yoga to donate $1000 to Yoga Gives Back. While the original setup was that Alo Yoga would donate $2500 for 100,000 posts and the hosts would donate $2500 at 150,000, Kino said “since it was so close and we are so touched by your poses and participation” she and Kerri would match the donation for a total of $2000 which “will fund micro-loans to women entrepreneurs and keep children in school in India”.

Previously I shared the first ten poses from the challenge. Today I’ll share the next ten poses from the challenge, some information about them, and a bit about my experience with them.

Pose 11: Nakrasana or Crocodile Pose 

This pose was supposed to be done with Chaturanga jumps, which you can see performed by Kino here. My middle sank too low attempting Nakrasana to begin with, so there was no way I could do jumps from it. So, I modified it with my arms higher. I had done Les Mills Pump’s Pump & Burn earlier in the day, so I’m not sure if I was just tired from that or if I’m not strong enough yet, but even with the modification I wasn’t very successful at the hopping part.


Pose 11: Nakrasana or Crocodile Pose for YogaGivesBackChallenge

Pose 12: Mukta Hasta Sirsasana A or Tripod Headstand 

I attempted this pose the same way that Kino did it, which at least let me get my legs in the air, but I came back down quickly in the same direction my legs were traveling and ran into the plastic tote in front of me, effectively making my attempt more like an elongated somersault than a headstand.

Pose 12: Mukta Hasta Sirsasana A or Tripod Headstand for YogaGivesBackChallenge

Pose 13: Urdhva Dhanurasana or Wheel Pose

Although I can’t drop back into the pose like Kerri, I can almost reach it starting from the floor and pushing up. Hopefully with practice I can get my head off the floor and eventually be able to reach the pose by dropping back into it.
Pose 13: Urdhva Dhanurasana or Wheel Pose for YogaGivesBackChallenge

Pose 14: Marichyasana C or Marichi’s Pose C or Sage’s Pose C

Kino says that this seated twist “is a powerful tool to cleanse the inner body”. The first time I was presented with a twist requiring reaching around like this, which was Pasasana or Noose Pose earlier in this challenge, I wasn’t able to get it, but this time it was not difficult. I technically should have had the unbent leg out straighter with my foot pointed up though.
Pose 14: Marichyasana C or Marichi's Pose C or Sage's Pose C for the YogaGivesBackChallenge

Pose 15: Laghu Vajrasana or the Little Thunderbolt

Kerri calls this pose “quad burner“. Although the full expression of the pose takes the head to the floor, she recommends only going as far as one can while still being able to come back up using the quads, so that’s what I did. I thought I would manage to get further with all the squats I do with Les Mills Pump, but maybe they were tired from that. Side notes: Weird things tend to happen with my hair during yoga poses, and this one was no exception. For those interested, the hanzi on my shirt is for Firefly, which is from the show of the same name.

Pose 15: Laghu Vajrasana or the Little Thunderbolt for YogaGivesBackChallenge

Pose: 16 Shalabhasana Locust Pose

This pose reminds me of some of the swimming moves from Insanity: The Asylum. According to Kerri, this is a “great posture for strengthening the QL, triceps, core, gluteus, and hamstrings”. I believe it!

Pose: 16 Shalabhasana Locust Pose for YogaGivesBackChallenge

Pose 17: Ustrasana or Camel Pose

I actually skipped over this pose initially, perhaps because I was thinking I originally did it since it looks so close to Laghu Vajrasana from Day 15. I ended up doing it for JuneOYourChakras, which I’ll be recapping soon.

Pose 18: Krounchasana or Heron Pose

The full expression of this pose has the leg fully extended and against the nose. That wasn’t happening for me. Kerri says not to worry if you can’t extend the leg or grab the foot and to use a strap or keep the knee bent. I didn’t use a strap, but my knee is slightly bent, and I grabbed above my ankle instead of the foot.

Pose 18: Krounchasana or Heron Pose for YogaGivesBackChallenge

Pose 19: Marichyasana A or Marichi’s Pose A or Sage’s Pose A

This pose is a harder version of the Marichyasana C from Day 14 of this challenge. Kino says that “this is an important pose for giving yoga access into deeper forward bends and arm balances”. Although getting into Marichyasana C isn’t difficult, adding the bend was, and I did not get all the way down.

Pose 19: Marichyasana A or Marichi's Pose A or Sage's Pose A for YogaGivesBackChallenge

Pose 20: Bhujapidasana or Shoulder-Pressing Pose

According to Kerri “this posture isn’t as hard as it looks and is really all about balance”. She also says that “hooking the feet makes it a lot easier”. I was able to reach it by hooking my feet, but only briefly. I think part of the problem was that I didn’t start with my legs high enough, but at least I got off the ground.

Pose 20: Bhujapidasana or Shoulder-Pressing Pose YogaGivesBackChallenge

Most of the poses in the second third of the YogaGivesBackChallenge were new to me. It was nice to be able to try them and have an idea of what my starting point is, so that as I practice more, I can visually see my progress.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this yoga challenge recap. I’ll tell you about the last third of this challenge, as well as some other challenges, in the future. If you want to follow along with my progress in other challenges, including the BacktoBackBends challenge which has the same hosts, you can do so on @investinginfitness.

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