“You Are Pushing Through This” (Day 19: Cardio Power and Resistance)

cardio power and resistanceDuring Cardio Power and Resistance Shaun T says “You are pushing through this.” Pushing through has gotten easier to the more times I’ve done the workouts because I know the moves and am getting stronger with them. On the other hand, the workout itself is harder because I am able to do more repetitions of each.

The tricep dips were killer this time due to that but I know they’re working. I’m still working on keeping up when eight push ups are required but I can at least keep up for the four, which took me a few days less to do than last year. After this day there’s just one more day before the end of Week 3. Last year, Week 4 was where I started skipping workouts and ultimately the last set of workouts I did, so I’m looking forward to pushing through this year and finishing the program.



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