“You Can Frickin’ Do It. So Work.”(Day 3: Cardio Power and Resistance)

cardio power and resistanceDay three, Cardio Power and Resistance, started off with a slightly different warm up than the Plyometric Cardio Circuit. The warmup circuit was: jog, power jacks, log jumps, 1-2-3 Heismans, butt kicks, high knees, and vertical jumps. The circuit was repeated three times with increasing speed. Then we did some stretching.

The first workout circuit was power jumps, belt kicks, hit the floor and V-push ups. It was repeated three times with breaks between. The first time, Shaun T instructed to keep his pace. The second and third time we were supposed to do as many as we could do in the allotted time for each exercise.

One thing I like about Insanity is that Shaun T tells the participants why he’s asking them to do certain exercises. For example, he pointed out that belt kicks work the abs, and V-pushups help you get ripped shoulders. I also like that he is motivating. During the belt kicks, he asked Ariel how she was and said to the audience, “She’s a little tired. You should be too. But she’s still working it, and you can frickin’ do it. So work.”

After the last set, we went immediately into tricep dips. Then, tricep dips with one leg up, on each side. During the first set of the one-leg tricep dips, Shaun T asked one of the girls how she felt, and she said “I feel like shit.” I have gone through this workout a few times, and I always think “me too” because that’s right about the time it starts to hurt, and I still have one more leg to go. After the tricep workout, we got a water break.

Then it was time for the ball tricep workout. This is one of my least favorite workouts because it’s a somewhat awkward position to get into and to work from. During the workout he asked Ariel to tell the people at home to keep going. She squeaks out “Keep going,” like it’s the hardest words to get out, and I can’t blame her. After that, there was another water break. During the break Shaun T stressed the importance of drinking water. I didn’t have to be told twice. I was already almost to the halfway point on my water.

Recruits performing pushups as part of physica...

Push ups are not among my strengths.

The next circuit was hurdle jumps, globe jumps, moving push ups, and floor sprints, repeated three times with increasing speed. Push-ups are one of my weaknesses, so moving push ups are hard to keep up with. I started off doing modified push ups instead. The second round I started with the moving push ups, then did regular ones, then went to modified. The third time, I stuck with modified.

The last exercise is 8 hop squats and 8 push ups. I did regular push ups this time, but I did not manage to make all 8. I hate having to either do modified push ups or shorten the number to make the count. Since push ups are such a big part of the program and they are one of my weakest exercises, I will probably start working on them separately in addition to Insanity, although I’ll probably wait until I’ve completed this first week.

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