“You’re Gonna Be In It Today” (Day 41: Max Interval Plyo)

max interval plyoIn the beginning of Max Interval Plyo, Shaun T says, “You’re gonna be in it today.” I did my best to be. I was very tired and kind of bored in the warmup but pushed myself through it. Once again Shaun T had some uncanny timing in his cues as he was saying “get your hands off your knees” as I put them there for a quick rest during the first circuit.

I had read about and starting paying more attention proper pushups are actually more on the toes while sometimes I have been more on the ball of my foot. So I try to make sure that I am in the correct position even if it takes longer to get there and pushups are much easier now that I am doing them more correctly more consistently. I still had to do regular pushups rather than the power pushups and couldn’t’ get all of the second set in the Level 3 Drills.

I think I waited too long between meals because I was hungry and weak throughout the workout, especially from the end of the second circuit onward. I could not do the side pushups so I worked on just holding the initial position. It worked on eht left side, but on the right I my feet slipped too much.

I heard my husband in the hall and stopped for a few minutes. He was doing pull ups and had me do a  few with his assistance. I thought he was doing a lot of it because I was pretty tired and weak feeling but he insisted it was mostly my work and even just having someone lightly touching can trick your mind and make it easier to do. After that I went back and finished the rest of the workout.

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