Create Your Own Home Workout With Zumba Videos on YouTube

Create Your Own Home WorkoutAs much as I enjoy following a Beachbody home workout program, sometimes I like to mix it up. At one point, I decided to try Zumba at home. I remembered Gina at The Fitnessista is a Zumba instructor who had posted some videos before, so I went to her blog to find them and see if she had posted any others.

Serendipity! A search wasn’t necessary because she’d written a post that day about using YouTube videos to work out at home, and the first part of her post was on Zumba. She had provided all the dances you need to search for to create a full Zumba workout at home. Hurray!

I waded through YouTube videos for awhile. Some songs drove me crazy. Others had camera angles that made the moves hard to follow. Many were restricted in Germany. I found a few that worked, tried them, and had fun. Then I managed to forget about pulling together my own workout as I had other ones I was doing.

This January, instead of following a program, I did whatever workout struck my fancy each day. I remembered trying these Zumba videos and decided to finally follow Gina’s suggestion, searching for songs to create a full class. Pulling the list together took longer than working out to the videos, but now I have a playlist I can do again in the future. I’m passing it on to you so you can try it as well.

I’ve never done a live class, so I can’t say whether these are good instructions and/or dances that match what they’re described as. Some of the videos go in and out of focus as well. But it’s a starting point to working out for free in the comfort of your own home. If you do these 9 songs straight through, you’ll have about a 33 minute long workout. I had an issue with buffering on a few, so you may want to pull them up in different tabs, hit pause, and let them load for awhile before beginning. You can either watch them below or in my YouTube playlist.

If it throws you off that the instructor is facing you and you’re used to someone facing the same direction, set your computer up far enough behind a full-length mirror that you have room to move around, stand a bit off to the side so that you can see the screen, and viola, you’ll be facing the same direction as the instructor. Enjoy!

1. Warm-up

2. Salsa

3. Cumbia

4. Reggaeton

5. Merengue

6. Flamenco

7. Bellydance

8. Quebradita

9. Cool Down

I hope you had fun trying this “class” comprised of YouTube videos and that perhaps it has inspired you to create your own home workout this way. If you want to do Zumba at home but don’t want to spend time pulling together songs, you may also want to check out this playlist I found toward the end of my search which has full length classes on it.

If you have a favorite Zumba YouTube video, please share it in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Home Workout With Zumba Videos on YouTube

  1. Thanks for the reminder. My daughter showed me a few exercises on YouTube and I haven’t done anything with them. I think I’ll take on the challenge of making a playlist. I think what you’ve done here is fantastic and I really like your post.

    • You’re welcome, and thank you for your kind words. I’m glad if the post inspired you to make your own playlist. If you have a YouTube account (if you don’t you can get one free) you can go to My Channel-Playlists-New Playlist. Hit “Create” and then it’ll let you add videos by searching or directly dropping a URL. That way you can go back to it and also share it with others.

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